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It depends what you wanna play,
There are hundreds of easy songs out there.

But the harder the stuff you wanna play gets the more frustrating it will become. Just keep at it, its only a matter of time before you get it.

I never really took guitar lessons just learned from tabs on the web, they weren't always right but it gives you a starting point.

Learning to play a few simple things is easy just learn a few chords and you'll be ok.

As i've yet to take guitar lessons, i found i know very little /if not nothing of guitar theory, this is something i want to learn.

The stuff on websites isn't great, i can't ask it questions, so i'm gona get lessons and go to music school over the summer.

Another thing about guitars, get money some of the equipment can be very expensive.

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Its not hard at all. THe only thing is you have to be patient.
Waiting for the tips of your fingers to callous takes a bit so just keep playin gand playing, even if they're aching. Don't learn to play on a spanish guitar, (one with nylon strings). It'll do nothing for your fingers.

I never took lessons and learned how to play at the start from the Russ SHipton Books. He gives the chords to some pretty good songs, if you lioke the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, alot of the old stuff.

A couiple of tab sites worth checking are OLGA (on line guitar archive) and Harmony Central.

Go for it, in about three months you'll be good enough for your intrest to fuel itself.

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Originally posted by bugler

Before you answer, note that the actual question is, will I as a solitary individual(I tend not to like people), with a guitar, and the vast resources of teh interweb, and possibly other stuff, be able to learn how to play guitar. I'm not expecting to be playing like a motherf*cker in a week or two or anything. I'm dilligent, have good hand-eye co-ord, and have loads of time. All advice and views welcome...

Its not as hard as it is time consuming. Its just a matter of practice. You will learn ten times as quickly imho if you are playing guitar with someone who is better than you regularly. I would recommend a few basic lessons (even if from a mate that can play) to teach you chords and the basics. Then go off and scour the intraweb for stuff. Personally I've always prefered to stick on the CD or tape or whatever and work it out myself.

btw hand eye co-ordination is irrelevant comparitivly to having a musical ear of some sort.

It takes a long time to become really good at the guitar. And if anyone replies saying "noe tahts bollix, I am teh win at giutar" and they have only been playing for a few months they are are either 1) Musical geniuses (which I doubt) or 2) complete morons who have no idea of the definition of good. (much more likly really)

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i realize this thread is like 8 years old but i had to correct this guy for any other people who happen to stumble upon this thread via google

darthmise said:
Don't learn to play on a spanish guitar, (one with nylon strings). It'll do nothing for your fingers.

true, nylon strings probably aren't hard enough for your fingers to build callouses BUT it's stupid to say "don't learn to play classical/spanish guitar". i'd say learn classical first if you want to be a really good guitarist. you will learn really really good left hand technique. plus the music is more of a challenge as you're usually playing both the rhythm melody at the same time.

i first started playing acoustic guitar, then got an electric but still played mostly acoustic. i'm now considering going off to a university to major in music/guitar but to my dismay, all of the universities here require you to play classical/spanish guitar which i have no experience in. i've now been spending all of my time trying to learn classical guitar and i've realized most of my previous guitar experience doesn't even come in handy aside from knowing my chords

here are some things you can do with a classical guitar if you choose to purchase one (tabs are there too)
Let it Be - Beatles
Bourree - Bach
Fur Elise - Beethoven

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yeah that really wasnt worth the bump...

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If you wanted to play in a simple punk band you'd probably be ready after a few months(fairly hard practice mind - you still need decent timing!).

I've been playing for years and I still can't really play metal, but that's because it wasn't really my focus and it's hard to get my head around it. There's no one answer to this. When I started guitar I jammed with another guitarist that had been playing awround the same I had but was way more talented, busting solos and improv out his ass.

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