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Before you answer, note that the actual question is, will I as a solitary individual(I tend not to like people), with a guitar, and the vast resources of teh interweb, and possibly other stuff, be able to learn how to play guitar. I'm not expecting to be playing like a motherf*cker in a week or two or anything. I'm dilligent, have good hand-eye co-ord, and have loads of time. All advice and views welcome...

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I say definitely - go for it! I've been learning (on and off) by myself since last July and I'm coming along fine. Not quite Kirk Hammett or Jimi Hendrix yet - quite a while away yet A few pitfalls though - it can take ages trying to find info and many, many, useless printouts before you learn to judge what's important. I recommend getting a couple of books to help you along. The two great books I got on recommendation were "Play Electric Guitar" by Tony Burrows (with a cd to practice along with) (ISBN 0-312-24417-7) and "The Guitar Handbook" by Ralph Denyer (ISBN 0-330-32750-x). The last one is suitable for all levels and covers all the theory - from what to learn first right up to all the chord formations, notes, scales, etc. I couldn't get them local so I ordered them off Amazon.co.uk

If you want to download guitar tabs try http://www.mxtabs.net/guitartabs.php for text tabs, or download the excellent free Powertab Editor - http://powertab.guitarnetwork.org/ and then get the Powertabs at http://pta.bandtabs.com/ and http://www.mikesguitarsite.co.uk

What you're going to need the most is a lot of patience - first it's frustrating trying to learn chord switches, and then when's it done, it's nothing. Then trying to pick up speed, and so on. But stick with it.

Good luck!


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I learned guitar mainly by listening to music and trying to copy it.

I got an understanding of the chords by a teacher and then by books on theory -why a CMaj is called a Cmaj as opposed to minor etc- and the rest followed.

do you have an idea of what yo uwant to play? If so can you hear it in your head? If so, try slowing it down in your head and copy it on guitar. It's very frustrating though, yes.

It's not easy to play like the greats, but it is easy to put your finger on the fret, and then in time put two fingers on different frets and so on.

As said, go for it, it's great fun - even if you sit for half an hour and play one note - it is great fun.

Good luck

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In my opinion if you love music and you're fairly patient you'll have no problem. All the resources you'll ever need are on the net. www.tabcrawler.com has got almost every song you could ever want. Also I'd recommend getting a program like "Super Guitar Chord Finder". Can be very useful for learning new chords etc.

I started off by reading up on a few guitar lessons on the net- Mainly just how to read tabs. Then i downloaded the tabs for a few easy songs that i liked (zombie - crannberries, polly - nirvana). And i just kept going on like that - learning new chords and new songs. After a while you'll find barre chords really helpful although tricky at first. After playing for about 6 months i bought an electric guitar (fender strat with 10w amp).

The most importand thing is to love the music - if you do then you'll enjoy playing and you'll stick at it.

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I learned mostly from the internet, try www.wholenote.com and download guitar pro 3 which will allow you to input the name of a chord and it will show you the finger positions and sound of the chord, and the different ways to play it.

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the first month sucks, ur fingers hurt, u sound crap and it doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere, but once those fingers toughen up and you get a few chords under ur belt its great.

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I'd have to agree with alb. I just went out and bought one and got fed up after about 3 weeks. Then I got the riff for Money for Nothing right (easy I know, but not for a beginner), and it was worth it.
Stuck at it mainly just down loading tab of the net.
Bought an effects pedal and that made it more interesting again.

Stick at it.

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Yeah, my friend's brother gave me a few lessons (about 10), and then it's easy. Once you have the whole changing chords stuff down, and a sense of rhythym built up, the world's your oyster. IMO, it's a little easier to learn, especially scales and soloing, when you have someone in front of you demonstarting proper technique.

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No, its too hard. Dont even try. Having never met you I am sure if you did it you would fail.

Or not....

Yeah, its easy. Give it a go.

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hehe, i was just about to post a thread about the same thing

thanks for the link to wholenote.com gilbet, it's just the sorta thing i've been lookin for

gonna try actually 'learn' to play guitar this summer (as soon as i get my moms guitar restrung for my silly left handedness )

i played for a while a few years ago, more learning off songs, rather than chords and theroy just messin about

ive played piano for for about 10yrs now, and i think im fairly musical with a good ear so im hopein i can learn guitar

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Deffintly go 4 it, im playing wit 2 and a half months, and i can play bout 6/7 songs ranging from Jimmy Eat World -- Hear You me to Stained -- OUtside and lots of riffs, www.acousticguitar.com is a good site 4 some basic chord lessons and da lessons are pretty good, gettin you on ur way with da chord changes and speed and watnot, i've even played in a pub,deffinetly go 4 it, Guitars are da best things since sliced bread, no wait guitars are better than bread itself! LOL

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Just saw this on Downloads.com <click meh> . It may give you something helpful.

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Thank you everyone for your lovely links.

Now answer me this: Are there any particular brands of acoustic guitar I should either go for or avoid like the plague? To get a "good" guitar and other essentials, how much should it cost? I can spare about €150-200.

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If you look hard enough, you could get a good takamine for 250 euro, second hand. It'd be worth saving for if its in good condition.

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4 around €175 - €200 u should get a brand new Epiphone (Gibson) acoustic, there pretty good, last 4 ages good sound out of em,


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