• Episode 1:The phantom menace (24.14%)
  • Episode 2:Attack of the clones (12.64%)
  • Episode 4:A new hope (9.2%)
  • Episode 5:The empire strikes back (35.63%)
  • Episode 6:Return of the Jedi (18.39%)
tman Registered User

how come 8 ppl voted for the phantom menace??? didnt know that there were that many under 5's on this board...


Hmm... Couldn't really choose between Empire and Jedi.
But I voted Jedi.

The scene where Luke cuts off Vader's hand is the definetive scene of the entire saga!
Everything was building towards that very moment!
Extremely powerfull music also.

Dont be at yourself Registered User

Voted for The Return Of The New Phantom Clone Strikes Back.

Bard Registered User

Voted for "Star Wars".


"A new hope" my arse. Only chisselers and muppets call it that.

Pepe LeFrits Registered User

looks like someone has been ****ing with the poll

Kalina Registered User

I voted for Return of the Jedi. Best of the lot.
I enjoyed Attack of the Clones too, Yoda's light-sabre moves were brilliant but why did George Lucas pick Hayden Christiansen for the role of Anakin? He can't act!!!!

Shred Registered User

Voted for Jedi - the speeder bike scene alone does it for me

JarJar bink Banned

Star Wars ie sza goody

Yoda Miss Piggy same person

[CALIBUR] Registered User

Attack of the Clones was good but empire strikes back is sweet. In attack of the clones the part when yoda fights the guy some people were laughfing..? .I nealy turned around and told them stfu!. that was really cool part in attack of the clones.

Keep on Trekin Registered User

Make "Trek" not "War"

Goodshape Registered User

Empire. All Jedi had was a bunch of muppets.

Unless you take the contracters into accou....

Damn you Kevin Smith.

BJJ Banned

The phantom menace, Darth Maul is a bad @ss & would kick Vader's geriatric @ss any day!

Also the Pod race was cool, and the end fight with Qui-gon and Darth Maul.

Aslo I liked the cool space ships, ( like Formula 1 cars ) , planets and droids much better than storm troopers and the crummy death star.

fisifan01 Registered User

what? star trek may be good but it is NOT starwars. starwars is far more imaginative and action packed

BJJ Banned

True , action packed but

Originally posted by fisifan01
starwars is far more imaginative

Why because it copied Yojimbo, War of the Worlds and Fitroy's Metropolis?

Or because it uses the muppet "Yoda" "Anakin" the teenage witch, or geriatric "Vader"

Phantom Menace with Darth Maul and Pod Race was the only good Star Wars

Q_Ball Registered User

Originally posted by AngelWhore
Extremely powerfull music also.

Like when Shmi dies in AotC? The music there made it one of the most defining moments in the film.

I voted Empire for the same reasons as dante has in clerks

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