po0k Registered User

on ign.ie.quakenet.org or any Quakenet IRC server.
Spooge is the bot.

MelKor Registered User


its now 11:15am on thursday and im there on my own playing slap the bot!!

nice one SyxPak

po0k Registered User

just for anyone who doesn't allready know....

type /msg Spooge hello to register with the bot
it'll know you from now on
it may also be known as "Spooger" but only if it's been restarted.

I'm still learning about what I can do with the bot, hopefully I can set it up so ye can download/upload missions or something.
I'll look into it

Morpheus Moderator

what are you guys talking about up there??? spooge??? whats that?
are there irish servers still up and running, and do many people play on them?

po0k Registered User

There was an Irish server running for a while (on quite a power ful box) but no-one either knew about it or played on it and so it was taken down.

We'll have to start from basics first, hosting 4-6 man games over DSL or something to get the ball rolling, then graduate onto something better.

Spooge was an Eggdrop bot I had running from college for a while.
Then got an L bot instead, but it was removed recently because there wasn't enough people on the channel

joePC Registered User


po0k Registered User

Yeah, pretty much.

Been too busy to play any games much.

Opflash gets a good run around at GalwayLANs though.

Jim_No.6 Registered User

but... but... I wanna play!

/me breaks down crying

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