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The encouraging comments for my post are much appreciated - thanks to all.

In principle, I'm more than happy to have it appear on irelandoffline.org , but it really needs some more fact-checking and referencing before it's ready for the big time, not all of which I'm qualified to do myself. In particular, it would be great if it could get the once-over from someone telecoms-literate, particularly someone who can actually understand the cost documents which Eircom publishes on its website.

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Dont forget to point out that there offering of ISDN as a stop gap unitill adsl is available in your area incurres extra cost of upgrading to an adsl line after already paying the installation charge on ISDN..

Also maybe you can ask them EXACTLY! HOW they justify and calculate the installation charge on adsl and ISDN which im sure is a price squeeze which they just pullled out of a hat!

Why your at it maybe you can educate them as to the exact definition of BROADBAND! WHICH ISDN IS NOT!

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