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If there is anybody out there in cyberland who has gone to the Gaeltacht and actually liked it. I know that everbody says its great but really (no lies please) is it good or bad

Bottle_of_Smoke Registered User

I didn't like it much, to many idiots in Celtic jerseys and three hours Irish every morning

DeVore The monster's daddy!

I went to Camus for 6 years and loved it mostly.
Strict on the irish-only rule but there you go.


beardedchicken Registered User

-went to cill chiarain (connamara) twice (1996, 1998)
-had a fantastic time, made loads of friends (no matter how reserved you are, you will)
-learned lots- did loads on the oral exam, also, having to survive speaking irish only really forces you to learn lots, fast! you'll remember it too!
-medium strict on the speaking of english- 3 strikes and you're out
-walked everywhere (6miles a day, but didnt notice it!) lost a stone and got a tan!!

i really cannot recommend going to the gaeltacht enough! it's fun, you'll be away from parents for 3 weeks, you'll make friends, learn, do loads of sport, sing, talk, dance like a nutcase, and its as much a rite of passage for irish people as the debs, the leaving, J1 and interrailing are!

tv-a-holic Registered User

where is cill chiarain and what is the number for the place

conZ Registered User

ITS ****!!!!
went to it last year, got kicked out after 10 days!
dont go!
especially to carna or sumtin like dat!!! def dont go!

conZ Registered User

ya ya, just looked...
i wento chill chiaran... it was ****!
dere as strict!!!
dont go!
go 2 aran islands... can do netin u want out ther!

klong Registered User

probably going to camus this summer- the prospect of no phone, no books, no magazines terrifies me...i'm being forced to go

SheroN Registered User

I was in Rinne(Co. Waterford) in 1996, had a brilliant time, i'd recommend it to anyone.

Gael Registered User

Well I'm not suggesting that Ahamah and Conz were like this, but I found from my personal Gaeltacht experience that just about all the people who got sent home were plainly not interested in even making an effort.

Certainly I heard the story about the nut cases who sent a girl home just because she let slip "Excuse Me" automatically, because she burped.

But from all my experience, the people who got sent home were people who made it clear from the start by their general attitude, that they didn't want to be there and were determined not to stay, in fact some of them were selfish enough to drag other people into their little vendetta by constantly speaking english to those who were prepared to make the effort to speak irish, forcing them into an uncomfortable position and even mocking them if they wouldn't speak english back to them
I never saw one eager, dedicated, person who made a decent effort get sent home.

I base this on having gone to two different colleges, and having spent two years at each. I will be attending a new one this Summer after taking a two year break from the courses.(The money they pay the "Cinirí" isn't the best, especially if you're saving up for a holiday or something, but the fun makes up for it)

Of the two I went to, the first was very lax and the other one strict. I recommend the stricter ones highly. Go to the lax ones if you want but you'll learn sod all irish.
My irish was always decent enough, but even in the strict one, where the odd person slipped very slightly, it was overlooked with just a warning to be careful, if previous to this the person had shown themselves to have made a genuine effort. But even amongst the strict ones, the strictness depends on the individual college.
Lastly, to anyone who hasn't gone before and is fearing it, I could introduce you to a hundred people who felt the same way at first,
but who made an effort, and had the time of their lives and return every year. Not to mention all the new friends you'll make from all over the country. Bainigí taitneamh as ! (Enjoy it!)

stereo_steve Registered User

tv-a-holic, what you need to decide is whether or not your going to learn a serious amount of Irish or just to learn a bit and have some fun!

I went Colaiste Chiarain (no idea how to spell it!) after second year. I learnt very little Irish but I had the time of my life! It really was that good! I think I was just lucky though. The bean an Ti was really nice! She washed all our clothes. Cooked whatever we wanted and made loads of it. We were right next door to the girls house and there wsa a shop nearby! Great time! Unfortunately I learned very little irish.

Last summer I went to Colaiste NiFhiann. The one mentioned above where the girl was sent home for saying "excuse me". It was very republican. Army drills in the morning! Singing the national anthem while the flag came up and down everyday! It was very strict! NO ONE talked english. I learnt loads and loads of Irish. however I hated it. Everyone was young, about 15/16. I was almost 18. There was only about 5 girls my age and the stuff they did was more orientated for the younger crowd I felt. But I kind of knew before I went that I wouldn't like it I just went to improve my Irish for the oral.

Hope this helped!

stereo_steve Registered User

I forgot to mention Cumann na Fhiann. They are a youth group in Irish. I was asked to go but never did. They have something like 30 clubs all round Ireland. If you want to improve your Irish its great to go to. An hour and a half of Irish every week!

pugwall Registered User

I went to Colaiste Lurgan in Connemara in 1996 and 1997 and had the time of my life. My Irish vastly improved both orally and written. Do go, preferbly to a 'strict' one. Theres no point in going to a college where you know that you'll get away with speaking English. I learned to respect the language from my experiences there. My advise would be to go to Chamas, Lurgan or Colaiste NiFhiann.

Lenny Tallaght Scumbag

I went to Collaiste Connact in Galway, salthill 2 years ago, first time going to one, and I thought it was a good place, didn't hvae to speak much irish in the house or anything, but at the classes, had to give ti a fair bash, I also noticed I had improoved a lot in my irish speaking.



South West Cork, best summer i ever had. didnt learn any irish, but met losta sexy ladies

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