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I upgraded my ATI rage Pro drivel to a TNT2 Ultra a year ago but now I find I can't play DVD video's (DVD-ROM's play alright) I reckon this is because the player I have has been specifically designed to use the ATI one.

what I need is a new *shareware* DVD player

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Lump Moderator

Get a DVD, that has the dodgy pc friendly dvd player......


tobi Registered User

The Matrix has that Pc friendly on it.

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I use PowerDVD, and it seems quite good. I don't know if its shareware or not though, since it came free with my DVD ROM.

The_Scary_Man Registered User

PC friendly DVD is ****, I had the same problem when i upgraded from an ATI Rage 128 to a Geforce 2 MX, the software sold with the pc package was only compatible with ATI cards. So I bummed me mates copy of WinDVD

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Blitzkrieger Registered User

I think you can download both powerDVD and winDVD. Dunno where - try

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