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Originally posted by Dave
Irish - O
English - H
Maths - H
French - H
T.D. - H
Physics - H
Business - H

Irish - O
English - H
Maths - H
French - H
Tech Graphics - H
Physics - H
Business - H
Notice something similar?

Jabba Registered User

Irish - Honours (For the moment)
Maths - Honours
English - Honours
French - Honours
Spanish - Honours
Applied Maths - Honours
Biology - Honours
Physics - Honours

Sangre Registered User

All honours...
Irish -iffy but ill see
A. MAths

Im doing hon. english but i dont plan on counting it in my points for L.C but i still wanna do hon. But i dont wanna do pass, i have my standards

Kulgan Registered User

Originally posted by Molly
geography counts as a science subject ?
heh, i switched from business to chemisty after 3 days in 5th year cos business put me to sleep

Bad choice business is an easy A

When i sat the exam it was first year of new course so that helped.

Its boring but a great points subject

and yes dont go near chemistry

Molly Registered User

Too late to change it now anyway end need chemisty for medicine anyway

Raggamuffin Registered User

nobody heere doign history>?

Asuka Dead to the World

I do history.


Syn-Boy Registered User

Irish - O
Maths - H
English - H
French - H (not for long)
Accounting - H
History - H
Physics - H

Anybody got any tips (miracle ones) on getting a good grade in History coz with the amount of working im doing, Law in TCD or UCD is looking kinda distant TCD - 540 UCD - 500

Man U babe Registered User

Irish - O (from next monday)
English - H
Maths - H
French - H
Physics - H
Chemistry - H
Applied Maths - H
Accounting - H
Hate all languages and accounting. Couldnt do hons Irish, only passed the mock cos I saw the paper 2 days before the exam. I'll be delighted with a C in hons English. Wanted to do biology instead of accounting, damn scheduling! Or TD, but my school doesnt offer it. I did it until I moved school in 2nd year, always got A's!

klong Registered User

Irish- Higher
English- Higher
Maths- Ordinary; my old teacher was a fool who couldn't explain a thing, so as a result theres 4 or so doing higher out of a class of 22 or so. In 6th year its 1 out of 18
French- Higher
Geography- Higher
History- Higher
Business- Higher

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