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Someone was gonna ask sooner or later. And give this some thought please,don't just feel compelled to say Half-Life because you think everyone else will.Reasons why as well please.

Chubby Registered User

You mean you really think no one had ask this question before when Deus Ex came out over a year ago?

Hobbes Registered User

My cats breath smells like cat food.

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Dont be at yourself Registered User

Hobbes is a cat breath fascist, ban him!

Also: Half-Life is better. By lots.


Completely different games, there's simply no point trying to compare them.

Half-Life was in ways a more compelling experience, but the sheer breadth of stuff you could do in Deus Ex was massively impressive. Each game has its own merits and trying to say that one is better than the other is silly.

Kairo Registered User

I think Half-Life is better. For one simple reason...the Quake engine. The combat in any other FPS doesnt even compare to any Quake engined game, and thats where Deus Ex is lacking IMO. I dunno...maybes it's just cause I'm so familiar with the Quake engine..I wub it to bits!

Jimi-Spandex Registered User


oh and to be perfectly honest at the present moment Deus Ex is my personal fave. I felt Half life wasn't an overly fluid gaming experience, Rocking, just not very fluid

Blitzkrieger Registered User

Deus Ex is better than HL by miles, the single player game that is, but if you're talking about multiplayer, HL and it's mods win by miles

BKtje Registered User

I agree with Blitzkrieger.
Offline Desu Ex was amazing.

tHE vAGGABOND Registered User

always thought deus ex was over rated to be honest

Praetorian Registered User

Half-life V Deus Muck?

I was so depressed after the first few levels of Deus ex that I just never bothered with the game again. Literally my first impressions were, omg this is the worst “best” game ever.

The guns were lame, the movement of the enemy characters was pathetic, (you should actually see me taking the pi$$ out of this utterly woeful waste of code). They made such bad use of such a wonderful engine!

Also, the game moved like a snail. Like at the time I had 1 GHZ athlon with a GF2 ultra, yet I had terrible frame rates. Espeicially when I looked at the OH so marvelous shadows!!

Half-life  was gripping, beautiful (at the time) fast n’ furious, unique, violent….almost perfect!

Half-Life has spawned the best modificationz ever done for any PC game. This alone is testament to its supreme and utter domination.

……..Perhaps I failed to give Deus ex enough of a chance, but I could literally go on for pages upon pages about its problems / defects

amp Registered User

I preferred the looks and puzzles of Half-Life but Deus Ex's mod system and story line rocked. I've replayed both about the same amount of times. So if I had to chose one I'd say... Half-life, by a nose.

Blitzkrieger Registered User

Playing HL through the second time you really see it's weaknesses. In DE you could complete each level different ways and the moral aspect added a whole new dimension too. You could play as a cop (sneak around and try to kill as few people as possible) or as a terrorist (go in guns blazing killing everything that moves), and there was actually merits to both aproaches.

HL had none of this. There was really only one way to do anything (bar some minor puzzles). Though DE ultimatly has a linear storyline, it's far more apparant in HL. IMO DE seemed like a fresh, new game while HL seemed like just the next Quake\Duke Nukem installment.

[CALIBUR] Registered User

I think i'm the only person in that thinks <day of sex> is crap because its to slow for me.I like hl because its fast and easy and the puzzles are great and thats what i like in a game.not this crap learning diffrent lock and waiting for long time at one spot.

Kix Who's your Paddy?

What a lot of games do is lead you through a level on rails. Your next door is always the one the level designer wants you to open. Half Life did this to a degree, but was very good at making it feel like it was your choice and there were always meanders off to the side here and there just to strengthen that feeling.

I've just finished Max Payne which, despite being excellent in several quarters, really makes you feel constrained in your movement. You're on the train baby and there's no getting off.

What Deus Ex did oh so well was to say, there's your objective - you figure out how to approach it. Usually there was several ways to get wherever you wanted to go and umpteen ways to achieve whatever you had to achieve. The more I play other games since, the more I miss that sense of freedom.

Where HL scored was the fluidity of it's combat and being first. Other than that Deus Ex was probably the better game.


PS: And Deus Ex just looked wrong. I can't really put my finger on why.

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