Doodee purple headed warrior

Rightio.........I've had allot of ppl askin meh bout the next Lan in Galway that ThrAx and Kharn said they would have...well i dont know the situation for that one...However I am gonna say this
GalwayLan 2 ....not G.A.N.G

I might be arranging the follow on to the Galway lan called ...Galway Lan 2!!! a 4 Day event!!!!!
Now as I dont know the deffo numbers I needa list of ppl who will be coming if on..
1:The proposed date is FriDay 26th-Mon29th of October
2:The amount atm cant be proposed cause I dont know how many will be coming
3: There will be Prizes if enough Monies left over...and no Religious Statues this time!!!!

Now if ya think Ya can come then E-Mail Meh:

I can only use the Infernet 2-3days during week so ont expect a responce straight aweh...

Priority will be given to the ppls from the Last lan...

So respond aweh!

amp Registered User

Eh I see no mention of the alledged "Free Pr0n" promised in the topic. What's with that then?

po0k Registered User

Kharn will wear his Dress again. That's about the extent of it.

Oh, and the leeching. yesss, the Leeeching.
Pr0n, futurama episodes, w4r3z, g4m3z etc.
Oh, and Urban Terror and The Opera too. Though if some one brings along a few more fopies fo OP|Flash we might actually get a mna's game going, hmmmm?

jeepathon2k ruled meh that weekend

KILLER.BEE Registered User

yap i am in but i hope it starts aorund 8:30///

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