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We should all attempt to bust up eircoms site by all sending multiple emails entitled 'Give us flat rate internet.'

We could arrange a half an hour period some day, in which we would all send a ton of mail in attemp to crash there site or somethin like that.

If that doesn't work, we can always pay a bunch of professional Hackers to do the job for us!

rymus Registered User

great idea dumbass, we'd like broadband/56k unmetered sometime this century.

pulling a stunt like that would only serve to set back ireland offline's progress by I dunno.... 50 or 60 years?

80project Registered User

  1. we're not spammers
  2. we're not hackers
  3. we're not net vigilantes

This is just unhelpful IMHO.

We've met all the parties involved in this situation and had constructive talks w/ all of them.
It would be just great for them now to shut the door in our face because of such a childish stunt.


Niall, close this thread please


performing a script kiddy attack on Eircom would do nothing.
there are only 1000 of you on 56k connections, so you can roughly send 3x1k email's per second, so roughly all of you can send 3mb/sec @ Eircom, which would not hit Eircom too hard at all.
and you should get 12 for this..ro have you gotten this before.?

wise up man.

MarcusGarvey Registered User

That'll learn em. Not.

ando Registered User


I'm sure I speak for most when I say, IrelandOffline does not want to be related with such action

Gladiator snuggle puff!!

There are ways and means, and with the amount of members we have im sure some know how to set up a nice recurring file that could send about 2gig/sec at eircom.net.

But the reason we have never done it, is because it’s stupid, simple as that,
Not stupid stupid more like dumb and dumber stupid.

“I know what we will do, we will force brute force attack eircon, in the hope of taking there service off line, because we know how much they love their users and would hate to see them disconnected for long periods.”

I’m betting this is one of those things that sounded smart in your head. Word of advice try talking to someone or just voicing your ideas out loud before posting.

Ps if any eircon guys are reading this, I know you have limited intelligent, but look at the tone of the topic, there have never been this tone of this forum before. Also look down through the replies and notice what the senior rather then the junior members have to say

chernobyl Banned

Originally posted by Gladiator
There are ways and means, and with the amount of members we have im sure some know how to set up a nice recurring file that could send about 2gig/sec at eircom.net.

no you could not, not even with all the members using their work/college connections.

Gladiator snuggle puff!!

Your Totaly right "i" couldnt, ill go on record as saying i couldnt hack my way out of a paper bag nore would i want to, but i was just useing it as an example. of course you would have to be stupid to try an email brute force attach, its a sub system.

but ive seen sites get attack this that amonth of crap, dont ask me how, id have to guess they used servers will large pipes or serveral smaller machines on broadband. i didnt read to much into it something about constantly gnerating errors. the orginal file sent was like 1mb but as it relayed along the net it cept getting bigger as more errors were added. and each file sent ended up 10 times bigger. dont Quote me on any of this as its about 1.50 am and for all i know im dreaming this

any attack on eircon.net wouldnt have to some from ireland it would come from abroad via an irish user. but this is all pointless talk its really late.

ru1nzx Registered User

ur quite sad arent u..

do u have a brain or are u just some rich ass kid that doesnt actually know what broadband is?

chernobyl Banned

Thats D-DOS'n and its a script kiddy attack.
its at a very advanced stage now and its unbeatable.

when some no0b or server has the single executable file installed on their machine, its like a little remote drone. you machine is now a zombie.

Everytime you connect to the net, it tries to call the "master" which is a bot running generally on a IRC server [DALnet/EFnet are mostly guilty], by editing the executable in W32dasm or something else you noramlly get it log into a IRC chat room, which is usernamed/passworded and only respond to certain "calls" from its editor, and it then awaits direction.

The lamer log's in and issues a command to his bots such as "-ready" [this will list all zombies that are ready for attack] or "p4" [Eircom.net] or the most lethal "!udp 9999999 0 "[will knock the site out of existence].

And thats DOS attacks, unstopable $hit.

dahamsta Banned

we're not spammers
we're not hackers
we're not net vigilantes

Said 80p.

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Gladiator snuggle puff!!

Yea thats the one, i read about it somewere

Bard Registered User

Anybody who takes such destructive action towards eircom or anyone else does not speak for or act on behalf of IrelandOffline.

Digital Tilmitt you should know better.

ando Registered User

bard, can you not delete this entire topic ? It does not go down well if eircom and other telcos see this

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