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Hi There,

First time poster in this section and am looking for help - I can't search at present so this question has probably been answered many times:

It is looking increasingly likely that I will be moving to the US with my Job in early 2006 and with that happening 1000's of questions will need to be asked, but the pressing one at the moment is:

I have a 1 year old dog and was hoping that she can come with us when we move, but Im hearing horror stories of 3 -6 months quaratine. Would anyone have the specifics of what happens when you want to bring the family pet?

Would really appreciate your comments and help!

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Does no -one have any idea?

Any help?

bruachain Guest

I lived over in the US for a few years, never had to bring a pet, but I know it can be difficult, and almost definitely suject to a period of quaratine

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in the past there was a 3 month mandatory quaretine, Im not sure about now adays, your best bet would be to call the american embassy there and see what they have to say if you cant find anything online.


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i brought mine in 3 months ago with no problems.ireland is classed as a rabies free country so there isnt a problem.
u will have to get upto date shots here for the dog first and when u arrive in the states you will have to get you dog a rabies shot.

hope this helps

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I'm really not sure about the mainland, but I know that any pet from anywhere that comes into Hawaii has to be quarantined for 3 months. *However*, you can talk to specialists and if you get certain shots for your dog, they can cut the quarantine down to 1 month. That's what we did for our dog when we moved back to the islands from the mainland. You should talk to the vet and ask for any info on that; if they have the shots for Hawaii, I'm sure they have it for other places as well. I hope things work out for you.

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Thanks Fli - that is re-assuring

Did you move from Ireland to the US and it was okay as long as they got the shots and updated documentation from a registered Vet? - Can you confirm the process?

I am going to ring the department of agriculture today (thats what I was advised to by the Vet) and see what the steps are

Thanks for all the advice

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i went over to see my gf for 3 months,i flew from dublin to o hare in chicago with cost me €110 to bring the dog.
i had my dogs shots up to date 30 days before the trip.when you get the customs form at the check in desk it will ask on it if your bringing an animal into the states and i just said yes on it.when i arrived in ohare i picked up my dog and suitcases and had no problems walking past the customs people.

the usa are very leniant on dogs from certain countries that havent had any recorded rabies cases in a long time thankfully ireland is one of them.

it was a very painless process all in all,i was like yourself worried about it for months before i went but was no problem at all in the end.

if you have any more questions dont be shy to pm me ill help you any way i can.

good luck

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Brilliant thanks Fli.

My wife was onto the dept of arg this morning and the basically said the same thing.

The one question I had was - do you have to buy a cage and then use that as the transportation device? Do you have to give the dog a sedative or are they okay at that altitude?


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yes you will need to buy a container,you will get it at your local vets (i did just make sure it is a comfortable size for your dog,with room for it to lay down in also i would advise sedating your dog (i did also) as it should then sleep for the duration of the flight.
one thing i meant to add is that if your flying to the west coast of america it will be difficult to get a airline to bring your dog as the flight is that much longer.are lingus wont bring a dog farther west than ohare due to flight times,also you will have to ring the cargo department 2 weeks in advance with the dimensions of the container and the weight of it including the dog.

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just spotted this on an irish pet website,hope it helps out

US Embassy in Dublin issues this information for those moving from Ireland to the U.S.: In reply to your recent inquiry, the U.S. Public Health Service does not require quarantine, innoculation or a health certificate for the entry of pets (domestic dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs) which are travelling directly from Ireland into mainland United States and which have not been outside Ireland during the previous six months. (Ireland is considered free of Rabies and, therefore, pets do not require vaccination prior to travel). Pets will be examined on entry to ascertain their disease free status and should, therefore, be in good health.
However, all dogs and cats entering the State of Hawaii and the Territories Guam and America Samoa are subject to a 120 day quarantine in accordance with state and territorial regulations.

Pets enter the U.S. free of import duty. No veterinary or other forms are required. If the pet is transiting through another country on route, the pet will be considered as having arrived from that country and the regulations which apply to pets coming from there will apply.

Dogs which are used in the handling of livestock will be inspected and quarantined at the port of entry to determine their freedom of tapeworm, If found to be infested they will be treated under the supervision of a Port Inspector. We understand this procedure takes a number of hours.

You should also check with the airline, which may have special requirements for transporting pets. The airline may request that a health certificate accompany each animal. In any event, we advise enquirers that health certificates may be useful on arrival in the United States and recommend having an additional copy with the animal/s when travelling.

We would also suggest that after arrival at your destination, you check with local State authorities regarding vaccination regulations for animals residing in that area.

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That is an excellent bit of help there Fli - thanks you very much for that.

SoBe Registered User

no problem,as i said before its straight forward and painless to get your dog in,now if it was just as easy for me to get in it would be

nina9404 Registered User

Hi! Am new here.

I just want to ask if anyone knows the procedure of bringing my pet dog into the US? My family is in the process of immigrating there and I hope to bring my shihtzu with me. Is there a quarantine? If so, how long?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


DwrfSibrnHmstrs Registered User

i want to bring a small pet from USA to the Philippines ? Can it be done AND how ?? i am planning to buy a Chinchilla and Siberian Dwarf Hamsters, probably the latter, and i wanted to take them with me, either as mine, or as presents, when i go to the Philippines, next year, in 2008: i m planning to buy these small pet before end of 2007; but, before i buy these small pet: i want to know if i can take them with me, when i go abroad, next year: the main question is: WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE ? What r the rules ? Do i need to get some kind of certificate from a vet for such a small animals, Chinchilla and Siberian Dwarf Hamsters. I also heard that sometimes animals are kept in a some sort of quartine: is that only for dogs ? i m NOT planning to buy or/and take a dog: i prefer small friendly animals and smaller than a cat.

Do i also need to take these small pets to a vet before i take them abroad ?
so, what would be the PROCEDURE for these kinds of small animals, such as the two types that i mentioned above: i have no idea, what the procedure is: is there some agency that i need to call, for some kind of permit of some kind for this: can i take these small pet as a carry on: i prefer to take them with me, as a carry-on luggage: is that possible: i not want to take chance that something might fall on them: these are fragile animals is why.

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