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Hey guys since its coming to the silly season and we are goin to be battered with "where is the best place to live" could ye all write a small review on where ye are living and give links and all that. Will help people out a load.

Small map of where all the places to live are (please post if i neglected any area)

Links to places
(please add links)

Cheers Nukem

Paulj Registered User

Spent 1st year here in 2002/3. Was a great place to live for first year, had some great times there. Lived with 7 others (4 lads, 4 gals) so ya get to know lots of new people. Bout 10 min walk to main college building. Had internet (however all ports were blocked except for http port). Bus stop is bout 10 mins away also. Nearest good shop (ie. with OffLicence) was Chalkes about 15 minutes walk through the dell factory.

Milford Grange (Heidleberg)
The houses here weren't great. You could (just barely) hear people next door if they were talking. But great location (probably the best). It was about 7 minutes walk to main building. You're also near Spar, fairly near to lodge, superquinn, cinema.

Houses have really big front rooms and kitchens. But most of the rooms were tiny if you were upstairs anyway. Was a bit of a walk to college in the morning, i suppose about 15 mins maybe? But you are very close to the cinema, lodge and superquinn area which is cool. A bit more residents around than Milford or College Court.

College Court
I'm just here for this summer, so its very dead around. Most of the houses are empty. But im sure that'll all pick up once college starts up! Houses are ok, good kitchen, small front room, large bedroom. Very close to Schuman Buiding or library. But thats about all that its close to. The nearest shops are Spar or Maxol near the groody roundabout which is a bit of a walk. The superquin,lodge, cinema area is miles away, bout 30 min walk i suppose.

I guess if your a first year, on campus is cool. But the best place live imo is probably milford grange if you can get a nice house and the right people to live with.
I suppose its more important to be near the college itself in 1st and 2nd year cos you tend to spend more time walking to and from the college whereas in 3rd and 4th year (for us anyway) we're a lot busier and spend most of the day in there so ya only walk to/form there once per day. But that all depends on your course, hours, timetable and amount of time spent drinking.

Nicolas Cage Cagerator

Dún an Óir, Milford Grange...
Spent first year here in digs, which isnt the best example, since it was a family house, but a nice house, very good location, 10 mins from college, 3 mins from the shop and bus stop. Not the quietest area though.

Spent my first 2nd year here, the houses are ok, but very small. Massive kitchen, big sitting room, but everything else was small. Stairs led from sitting room to landing so if someone was talking in one part of the house, it could be heard anywhere. Location was a bit crap, 15 mins from college and 10 mins from chawkes or esso. Quiet area.

Spent my second 2nd year here, the houses are nice. The rooms are fairly spacious and the house, although old, was warm. 3 bathrooms inc one en suite. Very quiet area, apart from some noisy scooter-using scumbags who lived there for the summer. But location was brilliant, right beside spar and offie, and 11 mins to college (i timed it).

Compostella, Milford Grange...
Only been living there 2 weeks, but the house is abnormally big. 7 bedrooms, only one which could be considered small. 3 bathrooms with showers (2 pumped, 1 electric). A little bit on the noisy side, but very close to college but not too close to shops

Sergeant Horse Registered User

you have Plassey in two areas.

1st Year i lived in the Salesian Hostel beside the Car PArk, 2 seconds walk from the college with Sky Digital and a free pool table. However it was run by priests so no alco, women etc. But good for 1st Years

2nd Year I lived in Plassey. Great place but a bit old and run down. i hear they are doing it up though. From what I hear as well, it is the best On Campus to live in due to having the best Management!

2nd Year Part 2: THe Repeat : duh I lived in Groody Park. It was ok, with free broadband, double beds, big comfy chairs. But the managemnt was crap and they were out to screw you over monetary wise at every corner.

This year, the making it to 3rd year on the second attempt year, I'm living in Castlebrook in College Court. its a nice house with Chorus and the Landlady is sound. no complaints so far

natter Registered User

Plassey Village: Lived there in first year and would strongly recommend it to first years as most of the friends I've made in college were people I lived with that year. I got to meet a load of people easily. It would be especially advisable to live here if you didn't know anyone else coming to UL. Its also idealy located, 10 min walk from college, 5 mins from spar and about 15/20 from the hurlers/lodge/superquinn. The houses are quiet small though for 8 people to live in and there was always lots of noise outside... damn boys always playing rugby in the street til 2 in the morn!

Elm Park: Lived here in 2nd year and despite the bad reputation that it has I found it ok. Again centrally located, 2 mins from hurlers & superquinn, about 15 mins from college. There are some terrible rotten cold damp houses in the Elm Park but ours was grand. Easy to heat, fairly big rooms and there was always house parties and plenty of craic to be had around the place. It could get quiet loud at night esp after the lodge, and the you wouldnt want to be having any private conversations cos you could pretty much hear everything going on in the rest of the house.

I'm living in Brierfield this year, the house seemed lovely when we saw it in May. Moving in next week so I cant really give all the positives or negatives about the place yet.

cornbb Registered User

These are all fairly broad generalisations and opinions of the areas I've lived in.

Milford Grange: good location, close to college/shops/offie, houses vary, lived in a crappyish one on Avilla and a nice cheap one on dun an oir. Rent is not expensive

College Court: Rent a little more expensive but good location. A lot of nice houses.

Groody village: nice big apartments but management are morons (or at least were when I lived there)

Brookfield village: only been here a month but I like it. Nice fast broadband, large ensuite room, nice apartment, rent is reasonable for what you get. Location isn't the best but there's a free shuttle bus.

homerjay2005 Registered User

i have spent 5 years in briarfield, in the oaks and the cedars, its a bit of a walk, but hey, who wants to be near the college! its just across from the hurlers/lodge/shopping center/ and all sorts of mod cons such as video/chippers/bookies etc. houses are generally good. only fault if the knackers that live up the road near chawskes

the_obsolete Registered User

Castlebrook, College Court - Spent first part of my first 1st year there, nice area, loevly warm house but the nasty nasty reputation...Farrrr away from a shop, very close to campus tho, on the loud side tho...5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite)

El Dorado, Milford Grange - second part of first 1st year, Big decrepid house but was a nice homely atmosphere (strangely enough), wasn't too loud at all and close enough to the campus, handy for somebody goin to the gym a fair bit.

Hazelwood - spent second 1st year here and now hopefully the one 2nd year (in a better house this year tho...), look above at Mr. Chessington's post for that area

Norinoco Registered User

1 st year : Dun an Oir, Milford Grange
2nd year : Compostella, Milford Grange
3rd Year : The Willows, Elm Park
4th Year : Avilla, Milford Grange.

As you can tell I was a big fan of Milford Grange. The houses seemed to be the best, but you are always going to find sh*tholes there.

The house in Elm Park was one of the Red Brick ones you pass on the right when walking from the gap towards esso. It was a great house.
Really liked Elm Park, a lot livelier than Milford Grange (even thought there is only a ditch seperating them!)

The trick is to find the nice houses before you leave for the summer!

tred Registered User

1st year Monalleen Digs
2nd year 720 Elm park
3rd year 711 Elm Park
4th Year College court, house right at back of schumann.
1st job college court followed by new housing estate beside singlands, thats now massive.!!, followed by Annacotty.

Have to say in UL, we had great craic in Elm park. some of the houses in there were toilets, 720 was a nice cosey place, 711 was a **** hole!. we left it late to get accomadation. But there was an amazing buzz around in the summer, boozing on top of garages, football in the park, boozing in the hurlers, and and 5 minutes to the lodge!!. Getting all nostalgic now, its being a while.

bounceymousey Registered User

Im a first year living in Dromroe Village. i really regret it now cos i hardly know any other first years. Im doing general nursing but it seems no one knows anyone. And dromroe doesn't seem that connected in comparison to Plassey. I wish i actually put Plassey down now!!!

meanturtle Registered User


Brilliant except for two things crappy sofas and long way from college

bluedolphin Registered User

Nice, spacey bedroom, with everything.

Homecooked meals everyday at no extra charge.

Broadband, chorus, esb, gas and landline all included, as well as laundry service and pretty reliable chauffeur.

Large sitting room, dining room, bathroom.

Best of all: no rent.

Where is my abode?


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Peteee Moderator

Nice, spacey bedroom, with everything.

Homecooked meals everyday at no extra charge.

Broadband, chorus, esb, gas and landline all included, as well as laundry service and pretty reliable chauffeur.

Large sitting room, dining room, bathroom.

Best of all: no rent.

Where is my abode?


Heating oil? €300

Rent? €55 a week

Being able to party/drink beer/have sex(Oh I cant wait for the jokes to come on that one) Have the music up as loud as YOU want it to be? Priceless

For some comforts theres living at home, For everything else theres living in rented accomodation with a few mates!



Being able to party/drink beer/have sex

I sure yore well able to have sex Pete, unless you've had a particulary bad accident you don't want to tell us

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