Bruce Fan Registered User

I'm heading to Oz next month and I have to purchase a good backpack.
I've been told to get one that you can un-zip fully so you can take out whatever you want (as opposed to taking all your clothes out of the bag, just to get something from the bottom).

Can someone they me wheres a good place to start looking?
I live near the city centre in Dublin.
Also I don't want to spend over €100 if at all possible.


PunyHuman Registered User

Try Millets on Mary St or the Great Outdoors on Chatham St. They both have a good range but Millets would tend to be cheaper.

There's a place on Liffey St as well but I can't remember its name.

Bruce Fan Registered User

Never noticed Millets before.
Thanks for the info.

melekalikimaka Moderator

i secong millets, tho some dodges tuff in there too, if ya have the money...great outdoors, cant go wrong there

callmescratch Registered User

yeah i second great outdoors. staff are very helpful. it does tend to be a bit pricey though...

Bruce Fan Registered User

Well money is going to be an issue I'm afraid.
Looks like I'll be paying a visit to Millets!

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