OsciiBoscii Registered User

Oooo ye are all so talented. Keep up the good work. I like knitting but I prefer crochet. I taught myself years ago, and now I go to the local school and teach the children crochet. We have been doing granny blankets, but in September they want to move on to teddies and stuff. Yikes.

ThenComesDudley Registered User

Hey, im a printer.. just finishing up for my Degree show in Ncad this year!
mostly looking at bodies and xrays at the moment.
examples below also older stuff on here www.stephenorourke.com

JaneyMc Registered User

Sewing, clothes making, clothes reconstruction. Only really started a while ago but really into it now.
Also I enjoy furniture recon as well, but not as often.

I'm also in other stuff, being creative in general, love messing about on graphics programmes, and photography.

midgetflynn Registered User

I've tried a few things and have never really concentrated on one thing.knitting,sewing,clothes reconstruction and painting on clothes.at the moment,a small bit of making jewelry from beads and felt badges.tried to learn crochet a few weeks ago,but couldn't get the hang of it.also like taking photos

Kotick Registered User

I'm a sculptor.

I work in multiple mediums such as stone, wood, metal, wax, and ceramics.
My favorite would have to be bronze casting.

I also draw and paint for fun or when it's needed.

If there was anything I'd like to know more about it would have to be about the casting process (how to run the kilns, what temperature everything should be at, when to add more bronze into the crucible to melt down before pouring etc.). I'm sure this is all better learned on site.

Caros Registered User

I have always done something arty or crafty from sketching, watercolours, salt dough, tapestry and cross stitch. The last few years I mainly scrapbook and I make personalised cards for sale. I also teach scrapbooking classes in Cork and hold a monthly crop, really getting into rubberstamping at the moment.
Some of my scrapping stuff cane be seen at www.carolinecreates.blogspot.com
Sorry it hasn't been updated in awhile!

the glass woman Registered User

Well i studied art history in college and i can draw, but I've let that side slip. However i also did photography in third level, which i love, but I've recently gone back to the whole area of crafts..paper craft, cards, hand stitching fabric decorations and baby blankets etc, all the time consuming stuff! I was asked today at a craft fair if i used a dye cut (sp ?) to cut out my fabric garlands and i looked at the woman blankly and said no, i used a sissors! So i tend to take the long, old fashioned way around!

businesswizard Registered User

And I also like painting. I specialize in oil painting

businesswizard Registered User

I alos like water painting and glass painting

Rip Roara Registered User

Iam a skecher and would like to get into oil painting.

samrawet Registered User

good idea and thanx for sharing your photos

alena Registered User

I am interested in practical crafts, costume design, general painting and card making.

LoveLambie Registered User

Hello all

Im a crafter - knitting, sewing, working with fabric, jewellery making, cooking, all sorts really

I did fine art at 3rd level, but ive found myself harking back to my good old catholic nun instructed crafts in my adulthood
Great to see such a huge array of talented people on here sharing their ideas


smithrdn Registered User

hello to all, I found this place to be very interactive and appealing for introducing scrapping as form of craft as this place is filled with similar ideas of arts and crafts. Each of its forums is distinct in itself to cater the broader spectrum of scrap booking at this place. I wish to continue a lot with revelation to my fellow contributors about scrapping ideas, experience and rest that I have to offer. I feel you must be finding it to be very interesting and I would remain discussing with things in successive posts of mine.

flying _squirl Registered User

hallo all. im a bit of a jack of all trades. from digital models to physical replicas to costumes to paintings.

halloween costume, mostly papermache

this was a quick one week job. did the full suit

this was just a concept art pic i did for a project

quick digital model of the helmet from gladiator

stoopid recession put me out of a job, anyone wanna hire me?

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