red_bairn Registered User

Yeah I'm not really sure where my heart is at the moment. Workin on oil painting at the moment and think thats great! At the start of the year we worked with things like Photography, Trad Printing, Sculpture, Painting (Acr), Video and Image Processing and soon will be doing a 5week personal project after the first year trip to Amsterdam


Great job Bond-007


Good idea!!

Already seen a couple of scrap-bookers and a lot of sculptors of various media and I'm standing up as the second face painter - not professionally though. I'm dong more non-paying bodypainting at the moment (see sig below!) Also into pastels and airbrishing and love colour. Oh, and photography.

What would I like to learn?
Would love to get into street art and grafitti, but without breaking the law. Maybe murals - that's be fun. Painting unusual things, as oppossedto painting pictures or creating pictures of things... Just about sums it up!

Húrin Registered User

I am interested in sculpture, painting, projection and stencil graffiti.

GoldieBear Registered User

Hi, i'm into pencil sketches and watercolours, i also enjoy stained glass art and i love knitting as its very theraputic.

nudge Registered User

I am a graphic designer, studying fashion design at night in college. I make greeting cards to sell, build doll houses and basically do anything that I can cut, rip, sew, print, glue, paint, scan or nail down.

molypiper Banned

i do sketching and watercolors...a great past time for me especially so during rainy seasons and typhoons won't allow you to go out!

Kivun Sotilas Registered User

Hi, I'm an artist from Australia (live in Swords now) I am into drawing with pastels. Mostly dark landscapes. I am also making my own book at the moment. The pictures are sort of like old woodcuts (but drawn with pen) medieval style drawings. I like photography and love webdesign and photoshop.

corkimp Registered User

username: corkimp
I did art for my leaving and did a portfolio course in St Johns Central college in cork before being accepted into Crawford Art College. I did 2 years - failing the 2nd - me and y tutors having different opinions on my work. Want to go back again but got to get back up my confidence and a portfolio started again. I am mainly into sketching, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, acrylics, watercolours (only in sketches), print, photography and a little bit of 3d work in metal and wood. I mainly do horses, people and fantasy creatures - dragons mainly with griffins and demons. when i find my stuff will photograph and show anyone who is interested

emmie Registered User
#25 actually a science student in nuim but i have a great passion for arts and crafts. I reformed the arts and crafts society in nui Maynooth with a few other friends and from that i learned lot of great new things such as dough craft,jewellery making,photography but my great interest at the moment is glass painting

We are always looking for artists to teach us some sort of arts and crafts (ranging from Caricaturing to manga..pottery, fine name it) so if you are interested send me a pm!

aoifeme Registered User

Installation and scuplture, but getting back into drawing now

Oh and I knit!

grockle Registered User

mostly embroidery and cross stitch, but i do crafts for kids too so i do for them quite blew peter type stuff. lots of 'found objects'


i make candles.

Been doing it for three years now and it is gradually turning into a business...

goodbye civil service... damn your eyes

lenablue Registered User

I worked with digital art for many moons but prefer getting my hands dirty! I paint and smear and blob acrylic paints and it's all I want to do. Ever. New to Lucan and would love to meet other arty type humans. my web addy is if anyone is interested in having a look and my smears and blob.

Calina Registered User

I do tapestry and some crochet and have started a course in mosaic design. I also take photographs. I used to draw with crayons but I don't do much of it lately.

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