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Mad_Lad said:
Coldest since the 80's ? but I remember much finer spells in the 80's with a lot more days of warm to very warm weather.

I answered to this in the Irish Weather Statistics thread because I really don't want to clog up this awesome thread to do with the amazing thunderstorms of July 1985 and June 1986.

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Gaoth Laidir said:
Amazing that 1985 sticks in so many people's memories (it's what got me interested in meteorology) when it's such a common occurrence every year on the near continent (and even England many years). What's seldom is wonderful...

Definitely true, I spent two years living in the tropics recently and at first I was rushing to the window and getting my phone out to record every little thundery shower I'd see, I've always loved thunderstorms but towards the end it'd take constant flashes or bomb-like thunder for me to even take notice.

I actually prefer our style of climate in a round about way, I've lived in a few countries and Ireland is the only place I've ever kept a close eye on forecasts and gotten excited about potential events. When extremes are the norm weather watching becomes boring

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Just to compliment GL's nice assessment of the July '85 storm, frontal maps from the UK Met office archives:

July 24th:

July 25th:

July 26th:

A really volatile set up.

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I was only 11 years old when that storm hit. Unfortunately it was the last proper storm I can ever remember in this country. Ever since then it's just been a few rumbles of thunder and a flash of lightning if I'm lucky.

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I vaguely remember the milkman collecting the weekly money with forked lightning in the background. I was terrified of lightning after that, right up until I lived in Brisbane for a few months in the summer of 2010. The Australian storms were awe inspiring, to say the least, especially with a 88m lightning conductor (Skyneedle) 200m away. Lost my terror of lightning after that, but maintain a very healthy respect for it now.

I remember a very impressive evening of lightning in Dublin 2000 and again in 2017.

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