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Hi all

Im here to ask any one out there if there is any way of getting Cheap parking in Dundrum
I find 20 euro a day For Staff & Customers to park in the Dundrum Town Centre carpark is a Rip off. Compared to a lot of other centres who dont charge customers & have detacated Staff parking. Drundrum managment are putting Presure on Stores to Open late Mon-Fri and they will not supply Staff parking funny they expect stores to open later for them but wont help out staff. for one ther centre is not as active as it should be & I and many others beleave its because they are charged 2 euro per hour thats Staff as well as customers its a rip off in all fairness 20euro a day for 6 days is a lot & for most theres your wages screwed. well any one out there got sujestions at all.

If there is any Dundrum staff out there I am willing to get a partition going for staff parking so let me know .

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Thats horribly expensive for parking. Get your petition started quickly

spartacus93 Registered User

I spent an hour or two there and it was very expensive. Can't remember exactly, but we weren't pleased. I'd say get something done about it

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well any one out there got sujestions at all.

Don't drive to work.
Park in sandyford and get the tram.

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yeah the Tram is a lot better for the day you can park your car in the luas station its bout 2 euro for 4 hours which is pritty good Still Dundrum should Kop the Fook On thats a true Rip off there & the cheek of them to ask Staff & stores Favers whats the faver for the staff waste more money parking in Fliping Dundrum town Centre Is a True Rip off Feckin shocking

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my friend works there and parks in the luas car park for the day


Their problem is proximity to the LUAS station. Without punitive parking rates, it will become a LUAS park-and-ride facility. All day parking is available in the LUAS station across the road for €4. Staff knew what they were getting into when they took the job - why is it assumed that every employer has to provide car parking for all staff? What ever happened to public transport?

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Get a bus - 14, 14A, 16A, 17, 44/B/C, 48A, 75

16A operates to Beaumont Avenue, Churchtown. 16 is a bit further away at Kingston, Ballinteer.

bubby Guest

Apart from that - the carpark in Dundrum is extremely dangerous! It is badly laid out! I've been there twice and almost damaged my car both times.

1st time someone absolutely flying up a ramp almost went into the side of my car. Note - NO road markings to show who has right of way here.

When you are leaving the acarpark - just after shoving your ticket in the yokey, if in the left booth there is a kerb that sticks out and it is NOT clearly visible. The rest of the kerbs have flags and all sorts of crap sticking out of them but this kerb is in an s shape.

Definitely wouldn't go back in there again - pay for parking and know that its only a matter of time before an accident happens there.

The minions are absolutely NO help - if you make any suggestions to them the say "Last week we were 200 and now we only 37". Thats all!

Victor Registered User

if you make any suggestions to them the say "Last week we were 200 and now we only 37". Thats all!

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Why don't they implement a Parking Validation system? I know people could still just park there all day and go in and buy a packet of peanuts to get their tickets validated but surely there must be something that could be implemented. I for one won't be going near the place. Not because of the parking but because it's just a duplication of places like Blanchardstown and Liffey Valley (both of which have free parking of course )

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I heard yesterday that they've reduced the parking charge to €2 for the first 3 hours. Can anyone confirm that?

bubby Guest

Yes, thats true. was up there on Saturday.

bubby Guest


The guy was saying that they were letting staff go by the bucket load and that they were over-worked

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Legally, parking must be charged for at that shopping centre. It was a stipulation in DLR's granting of PP. Don't know how much flexibility there is for staff. The stores & centre management should tr to arrange a Luas deal or something, of course nobody is forcing anyone to work there.

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