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Just found out this morning we got refused planning permission one of the reason was we not from the area - we were hoping that with the new guidelines we would get around that one - both my boyfriend and myself have one parent who came from the area in which we were applying and it is his uncle's land. At the time we were applying we were renting short term a house in the area and had an address in the area but they said we didn't meet the requirements. So basically just wondering if it is worth our while reapplying? Anyone else get refused on this condiditon and was sucessful second time around?

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7 years isnt it? thats a long time to be honest. and renting should qualify if it is 7 years or whatever it is. thats the whole point of the scheme. if u meet the guidelines (ask for a copy) appeal to an bord pleanela, good luck with it

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we were only renting for a couple of months - there goes that

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Which county council?

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Offaly - its a rural area a small community with only one shop. Both myself and boyfriend are from Westmeath - though it's only five minutes away.

The three reasons were 1. not living in the area 2. not an amenity to the area 3. the house design & something about end of ribbon development. We kind of knew the house would have to be changed even though it's straight forward.

On the left hand side of our site there is a line of maybe 8 relatively recent built houses and on the right hand side of our site is a house and it would appear that the house on the right would be the last house in the ribbon - though i haven't a clue of the ribbon design thing.

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You could keep trying but it will take you time. They don't want you , the house and neither in the location! What are you going to argue on? It may sound harsh but you really are better thinking about going else where unless it is really where you want to live.

I didn't think it was 7 years more like 2 or 3 for residency and if you are employed locally you can apply on those grounds.

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I know an engineer (ex Bord Pleannala) that consults on planning permission appeals, so if your disputing the house design issue PM me.

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Not familiar with Offaly dev plan but many look for you to be within 4\5km from where you plan to build which I think is unfair as typically you are trying to build somewhere between both your own and your partners family and its not always the ideal to have familys focused with a few mile of each other!!!!

The ribbon thing limits the number of houses been built in one area usually 4 or 6 houses in a row maximum. If there is 8 already in a line it would be hard to get pp. I have been dealing with Co. Louth and have to say that I found the planning guy reasonable enough to deal with - remember no point in getting annoyed with them but explain your case and they may be willing to point you in the right direction.

If you dont get any joy dont rule out an appeal to Bord Pleanala but wouldn't advise threatening this to your planner.

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Only thing is you have to be damn quick with your appeal to an Bord Pleanala. Once the result of the application is known, (and it doesn't suit you) you'd want to be getting a wriggle on so as to get all the correct documentatoin into ABP.

I've found meself that a phonecall to ABP can be handy - there are some things that they won't overturn decisions on...

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What is the zoning agricultural is it?
really u can get planning but it will take some time as another poster said, why dont u buy the site off ur uncle and wait , rent somewhere locally in the mean time i suppose. try the an bord pleanela route first.

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thanks for the feedback - I'll find out more from our Architect tonight

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sorry to here about your situation.

One thing that can count in your favour is if both you and your B/F are closer to where you work in your proposed house, than you currently are.

Best of luck with it regardless.

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oh thats good to hear - I have just started a new job in Offaly - which will be in our favour next time around!

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This is going to sound crazy but here goes. An ex-workmate of mine is from Offally. He had a site bought and was refused planning on it first time round. He and his wife bought a mobile home and lived on the site for a year before applying again, this time successfully. It won't suit many to do this but if your heart is set on it etc. it might be worth considering. Yeah-it's crazy.

One-off housing is pretty unsustainable wrt services, transport etc. (you will get old and at some point it's likely you'll be unable to drive!) but in this case it's very strange given there's houses either side of your site already!

Good luck anyway.

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The mobile home can work sometimes but usually if it is very close to one of your parents homes and connected to the existing services of the house.

The local Authority could take the view that you are trying to blackmail them into granting you the planning permission.


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