i heard that there was to be a group of Austrailian young people coming to Ireland, fresh from World Youth Day, to try get more young Irish people back into the church.They were going to be in Temple Bar handing out leaflets and talking to whomever would listen. Anyone know how this went, or how they were received?

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There are a number of such groups that have visited Ireland over the years. I've seen some of them. Catholic Youth Care in Dublin might have some information on that. Try their website www.cyc.ie which has various links on it about their work. I know that they have linked up with some visiting groups, like the one you mentioned, in the past.

I attended 3 World Youth Days, though not this year's. I was at the 3 previous ones. Paris 1997, Rome 2000 and Toronto 2002. They were a great experience. With some many young people from all parts of the world, it is something special. It is worth going if you ever get the chance. The next one is in Sydney in 2008. The CYC and other groups organise trips to them.


sorry but I'm not interested in Catholicism in any way shape or form. I was just wondering did anyone come across this particular group, as I know that the Catholic church in Ireland hasnt got much influence with regards the youth. I was interested to see if they got a good reception and feedback or whether they got hassled

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