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Looking for a bit of help from those more informed. Does anyone know where I can source aftermarket car deadlocks?

I'm currently in the process of importing a 99 Honda Integra type R and naturally I want to keep it secure. The usual very high quality alarm, snap off steering wheel, locking wheel nuts, post in driveway and a few other hidden security measures will be installed. Oh how I hate car thieving scum.

I currently have the standard 1.8 Integra and it's been broken into once years ago, but since I installed the snap off they haven't bothered(that and the utterly crap radio I have probably saved me ). Sadly the type R will most likely prove a bigger temptation to the aforementioned scum.

The biggest pain with Jap spec cars is the crappy doorlocks that are a boon to the dishonest. I've had cars stolen before and I don't want it to happen to this one. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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