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How could you possibly tell where that picture was taken ??. Believe it or not there are other roads in Germany with a 130km/h speed restriction.

If it's a real photo, and if the road numbers are accurate it's nowhere near Stuttgart. The A5 and the A3 cross somewhere south west of Frankfurt at the Frankfurter Kreuz. I've driven through there more times than I care to mention. The A8 goes past Stuttgart.

EDIT: Looking at it again, it's almost certainly the Frankfurter Kreuz. The B43 (little yellow square on one of the gantries) is a turn off (to Kelsterbach among others) at that junction. It's also the exit for the airport IIRC.

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Jaysus lads, do I have to spit it out? First their was the then my reference to Stuttgart (DaimlerChrysler HQ) was obviously based on the favourable treatment of Mercedes-Benz drivers

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Wird ein Kraftfahrer, der die Richtgeschwindigkeit von 130 km/h überschritten hat, in einen Unfall verwickelt, so kann er sich, wenn er auf Ersatz des Unfallschadens in Anspruch genommen wird, nicht auf die Unabwendbarkeit des Unfalls i.S. von § 7 Abs. 2 StVG berufen, es sei denn, er weist nach, daß es auch bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 130 km/h zu dem Unfall mit vergleichbar schweren Folgen gekommen wäre.

For the utterly curious:

In the event that a driver that has exceeded the recommeneded maxiumum speed of 130km/h becomes involved in an accident, he may not, having been called upon to pay damages, reference the inevitibility of the accident in accordance with [named sections of StVG] unless he proves that the accident would have also occurred at a speed of 130km/h and with comparably severe damage.


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