Gone West in search of greener pastures

There are some guidelines listed below that you must read before posting.

This is a forum for discussion of online shopping and online auctions.

Off topic posts and SPAM will be deleted.

Flaming and abusive posts will be deleted.

Commercial advertising is not permitted. The overt promotion of commercial activity and the use of the board as a vehicle for such are forbidden in accordance with the general rules of boards.ie

Duplicate threads will be locked. Use the search function to see if your question has been answered before.

The promotion of any illegal, including fraudulent or dishonest, activity will not be tolerated. eg- Links to ebay pyramid scams or items of an illegal nature will be deleted, and the user who posted them may be banned. This also includes any postal fraud scams, e.g. using a fake address.

Complaints about particular online shops/individual ebay sellers should be made to the relevant site. For example: posters complaining that they haven’t received their order should contact the site in question, rather than posting here.

Do not post libelous/slanderous comments about an online shopping organisation or user.

Please keep all links to humorous, weird or fake products in the thread titled “Strange items on Ebay…”

Textspeak is a bannable offence. You get one warning. Then a ban.

Overall, Keeps things civil and amicable. Before posting please search recent posts and read the stickies to make sure there is no duplicity of discussion for the sake of us all.

If anybody has any input or feedback relating to the forum, feel free to pm a mod or post your ideas up here.

Update (18 Mar 2008)
Please feel free to leave "thanks" for any poster that has been helpful towards you, however this is entirely your responsibility. Asking or demanding thanks is not allowed and offences will be deleted, repeat offences will result in infractions and bannings.

Update May 22nd 2009
Due to the possible legal implications, discussion about Online Pharmacies is not allowed. There is no way to verify the legitimacy of any drugs (even over the counter) bought online, and importing prescription drugs into Ireland is illegal (even if you have a prescription).

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Gone West in search of greener pastures

Do not start any threads to discuss methods of tax evasion.
You will be banned for a week and have your thread locked.
Thats all.

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