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Has anyone any experience dealing with the Dublin county sheriff. He called round yesterday while I was out, He left a letter stating that he was aloud to use force to gain access to my apartment to take charge of my personnel belongings. I'm worried that he might try and take some of my flat mates stuff as well. Does anyone know how long they actually wait before braking down my door, and if he takes my flatmates stuff. Will my flatmate need receipts to prove the stuff belongs to him

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More info please!

And are we talking about Ireland here because I didn't know County Sheriffs existed in Ireland...

Esel Not your ornery onager

This looks like a situation where you need to conslt a solicitor, pronto. Do you have a separate room? Maybe you could restrict the seizure to stuff in there?
Seriously, lawyer up.

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Do you owe money?

Is there a court order against you? If not I don't think anything can be enforced.

Can you offer the sherriff anything?

Lawyer up. If necessary go to and explain what stage you are at.

Free Legal Advice Centres
13, Lower Dorset Street
Dublin 1

Tel: (01) 874 5690
Fax: (01) 874 5320


The county sheriff (usually the same person as the county registrar and the electoral returning officer) is a state officer with the right/duty to enforce court orders.

Brief reference here

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just put all the gear you don't want taken in a room mates room, he can't touch their ****...

also, wtf is a county ''sheriff''?

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iTS Ireland alright. Dublin County Sheriff. It's actually my flatmate he's looking for. There is courth Injunction and yes he does owe money. The property is to be sold to repay it. I' am worried that they might take my stuff as well. My flatmate has no intention of letting the Sheriff in. I have no receipts or anything like that to prove the stuff is mine.

Victor Registered User

Mark everything that is yours as yours, label it or invest in a permanent marker. Put everything that is yours in your room. Invest in a small padlock to keep your flatmate out.

Contact the sheriff and explain its "not me".


A sheriff can enter forceably and can get the garda to assist.

List of sheriffs

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And make sure you're not taken advantage of by an asshole like LundiMardi.

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Will one of us need to be present before he enters. Does anyone know how soon after issusing the letter he can enter the apartment. Is it office hours etc etc

seamus Dental Plan!

I have no receipts or anything like that to prove the stuff is mine.
You don't need them. You just say "this is mine" and he can't take it. Probably best to move your more expensive stuff into your own room.

Victor Registered User

I understand he can enter now, or anytime he wants, by himself or with his agents, you / flat mate need not be present. In practice, it will be office hours for small stuff.

Have you phoned solicitor? FLAC?

dahamsta, no insults please.

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I think it'd be very advisable for ye to be in the flat when he calls so you can explain what is yours, what's your flatmates and discuss the monetary value he's placing on the items he's repossessing. Haggling wih him could be worth a few hundred euros to you.

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And make sure you're not taken advantage of by an asshole like LundiMardi.

wtf are you talking about?

Stevee Registered User

Its in the region of E4000 he owe's. He hasn't a hope in hell of covering this with his property. Will he take clothes,games, dvds, etc

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