DRakE Registered User

This epic mount looks to be the coolest in the game (unless of course you're already unded, then whats the point )
Such a low low drop rate though, most guilds have a "if this drops everyone rolls" policy from what i can see on the official wow forums.

So anyway here's a pic

Excellent Oh and wtf does IMBA stand for? And whats the deal with this face melting thing. sounds so ****ing stupid, like that case of everyone calling each other lad in the irish cs community not too long ago.

Funky Registered User

Baron Rivendare , Baron Geddon is a big badass fire elemental raid boss.

Imba = Imbalanced

Face melting thing comes from this thread, it's pretty funny but is milked dry by now. The fact that it contains some of the only blue posts in months on the priest forums, and that they are completely useless makes me sad in the pants though. =(

ps. <3 alan

Horsefumbler Registered User

be happy if he just dropped the ****ing wildheart kilt

DRakE Registered User

Since I'm still only level 50, I have no experience in any Baron yet, but whatever :-o
Yeah Fangtooth posted a completely retarded post on some random stupid thread on the priest board not too long ago and every reply after it was "THANKS FOR HTE REPLY FAGTOOH FIX THE HOLY TREEE GG"

poor guy

DRakE Registered User

oh, and i wish it was easy to see which page the blue responces were on.. dont want to trawl through 50 pages of "omg melt face" ****e

EDIT: there's a stupid blue responce on page 35, and one on page 38. How disappointing

Drakar Registered User

Thanks, I stopped looking after page 3. (Note this is completely unrelated to my newspaper reading methodology).

Kiith Moderator

oh, and i wish it was easy to see which page the blue responces were on.. dont want to trawl through 50 pages of "omg melt face" ****e

there is a way to go directly to the blue reply. click on the blue blizzard icon beside the thread. that goes to the reply. think it only works for the first reply though.

Horsefumbler Registered User

btw is this mount any different to the epic undead mount?

koneko Registered User

It seems the same as the purple epic undead mount. But that mount wasn't an option originally, you could only get the icky green/blue one. It looks just like my horsey anyway.

Kairo Registered User

mounted by a female gnome rogue no less.

little legend..

Theres a 60 dwarven priest on our server called 'Melt' ...he doesnt even know the refferenc funnily enough

DRakE Registered User


hopefiully i'll be back this week to unfreeze my account and get back to owning noobs.

god knows i've read wow forums too much over the last 2 and a bit months. I'm not a master tacticioner on exactly what to do in PvP. The thing is, CAN i do it

Can anyone say 50 priest grinding with 60 rogue and 60 mage and 60 warlock as protection? ;D

Caliden Registered User

nah m8, starting on the new pvp server.

going to roll the class that i hate the most and going to love it

DRakE Registered User

New pvp server this wednesday?

Should be back friday if it makes any difference!

Kiith Moderator

was thinking of starting a horde char on the new server. and a shaman would be nice. (and overpowered)

the only problem is, there wont be any alliance. all alliance at the moment will roll horde, cause horde are cool. all horde will roll alliance...till lvl10, realise horde is cooler, and go back to horde.

DapperGent Messianic

I'll be starting an alliance on the new server.

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