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Are they worth anything yet? I have the following

1986 20p coin
1976 10p coin
1974 5p coin
1971 2p coin
1971 halfpenny coin
1963 2s coin
1959 6d coin
1955 1s coin
1942 1d coin
1941 2s6d coin

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at a rough guess i'd say 3-4 euros for the lot. They are only worth what somebody else is prepared to pay you. There's still lots of those coins in jars/cupboards ect all around the country. unless they are of very good quality they'll never be worth much.


The only one that catches my eye is the 1941 2s6d coin

The rest are more or less scrap metal.

Otherwise, get yourself down to Georges Street Arcade, there is a coin dealer there.

The 2s6d might get upward of 5 Euro, since its 0.833 silver and relatively scarce, but the rest are common enough, even if a few missed being melted in the early 1990's when the 5p and 10p were reduced in size.

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I have a pound coin from 1990 and it has a milled edge .... Is it worth anything??? An edge like an old 10p.


In the mid to late 1990's, the Pound Coin with the milled edge could fetch IR£10.00 from a coin dealer. With the Euro coming along, this variety is quite scarce. Its estimated that 1 in 100 coins minted had this flaw.

The same flaw occured in 1994, 1995 and 1996, and I did not observe any after that. Working in a betting office during the late 1990's meant I was able to get my hands on a few of this variety. I have 6 left at home in Ireland. The rest were sold when I needed money occasionally.

Off the top of my head, this flaw would fetch 20 Euro. This is up on the 1990's amount. Also, do bear in mind that any kind of Irish Pound soared in value within 2 years of the Euro changeover. My expertise in these matters tends towards the banknote side of things however. The fact that the Irish Pound was a stable currency, that held its value fairly well, and the state did'nt go mad on the printing presses meant that the notes are scarcer than most other countries. The IR£1.00 note for example can fetch 5 Euro in mint condition.

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i know its not a coin, but how much would an old irish pound note fetch?

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How about the millenium pound coin?

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How about the millenium pound coin?

Isn't there two "millenium" coins? One with 2000 and the thingy on the front and wasn't there one made in 1987 too?

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Isn't there two "millenium" coins? One with 2000 and the thingy on the front and wasn't there one made in 1987 too?

there's only one millenium pound coin, the one with the viking boat on it.

the other one your are thinking of (the 1987 one) is a 50p coin.


Which kind of Pound note

The Queen Maedhbh (Famine Victim lookalike) Pound note will fetch up to 5 or 6 Euro, depending on date and condition. Variants from the 1970's are relatively scarce now. Later versions in circulated condition, you will be lucky to get 2.50 to 3.00 Euro for these now.

The Lady Lavery, traditional Irish Pound, can fetch anything, put up the serial number, date of issue and condition, I can make a rough guess.

Any tears on the note, and I mean any, will seriously ruin value. They can be worse than penmarks.

Surface damage to the ink and paper, will also have an effect.

To get anywhere, notes have to be in very good condition, close to mint condition to hold their value above and beyond inflation. Plenty of people keep a few from a changeover and find their value has decreased beyond inflation. There are notable exceptions to this rule in Ireland. Ploughman Pound notes, in any condition are extremely rare.

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Are they worth anything yet? I have the following

1986 20p coin

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anyone know if a silver dollar is worth anything?

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i was just wondering if anyone would know the value of some old coins i have. they are from 1916 and 1917, they are both english and irish, if anyone knows could they pm me as in not entirely confident in how to use boards,
thank you.

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nimron said:
...not entirely confident in how to use boards,
thank you.

Hi nimron and welcome to!

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thank you for your help, it is very much appreciated,

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