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In Ireland, where can one get a blood test done? Are there private laboratories that carry them out?

In_the_sea Banned

depends on what sort of blood test you want done...
Your local gp can take a blood sample and send it to a lab for analysis.
He can check for cholesterol, thryroid, liver function, white blood cell count etc in one blood test although he might have to take 3 samples for all of them. The results will be back in about a week.
If you want a test for Std or the like, im sure you gp can take a sample for you and get it checked out. Hope that helps.
Bottom line, your gp will have more details unless there is a doctor on the boards willing to share...

Zapho Registered User

You're GP will do them for you no problem and if they can't for whatever reason they'll make an appointment with you for a nurse in a hospital who'll do it for you.

kittenkiller Registered User

Your doctor/GP can give you a letter of referral to a hospital (although some places take the blood themselves at certain times) & then the hospital take the blood & test it for whatever the doctor has specified on his letter of referral & you'll get the results in a week or so.
Then you head back to the Dr. & he explains the results to you & how you could improve your whole life by eating more fresh fruit, drinking less alcohol & consuming more fibre!

In_the_sea Banned

I agree with the above post on fibre..It actually does improve your mental health and that is from personal experience.

DrIndy Registered User

what blood tests are you specifically interested in?

esperanza Registered User

a comprehensive blood test, detailing everything

DrIndy Registered User

There is no such thing unfortunately - however you can check certain aspects of someone as a basic baseline work up such as blood sugar, cholesterol levels, blood cell levels and liver function.

Your GP will be happy to assist, just tell him/her you want a thorough once-over and they will send of the blood tests.....

In_the_sea Banned

Well I can understand you might want to keep your reason for blood test private so thats cool. If you are ever concerned about stds etc. a blood test is available to screen them at an std clinic. If you go there, as far as im aware you just have to go in no questions asked and it anonymous and you give blood and they test it for everything. I think more anonymous, no questions asked std clinics should be set up. Some people just dont want hassle. if u visit the personal issues thread on std clinics theres more details.

As for specific blood tests, your gp is best to talk to. Youl only get a load of sh*ite posts that will leave u knowing no more than you already knew from here. Just head straight to the gp even if u wanna go to a different doctor for privacy its fine im sure.

esperanza Registered User

OK, thanks for your advice. Didn't want to keep anything private, just wanted to know if private laboratories existed for information purposes.

DrIndy Registered User

Private labs do exist, but a doctor has to order the tests. Tests alone mean nothing unfortunately unless they are taken in context of the clinical picture of the person. If you get a health check up then you would get a cholesterol level, glucose (for diabetes) and the doctor might throw in a blood count and a liver profile to assess that too.

Just ask for a health check up with your GP. Everyone should ideally get an annual checkup with their GP....

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yan Registered User

and what about if someone want to do just a cholesterol levels test?

i went to my GP who took blood samples, sent them to a lab, and i went back to him again to see the results...

i found out that i have high cholesterol and now i am on special diet and pills to lower it.

i dont want to go to the GP again before after 3 months, but in the meantime i want to monitor tha cholesterol level....

any idea how can i do this?

the reason i dont want to go to GP is the fee i have to pay just for visiting him to take the samples....

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