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Im organising a Hen Party for my best friend in Galway this weekend! We are staying in the Radisson and we are lookin for the best places to go in Galway town so any advice where is the best place to go in Galway would be??

Buckfast Guest

What age are ye and what are ye lookin for (music type, crowd type etc)? It all depends ...

MiamiDancer Registered User

What age are ye and what are ye lookin for (music type, crowd type etc)? It all depends ...

aged 21 - 30ISH.... we are lookin for somewhere that theres a bit of craic!! Somewhere we can hav a good laugh preferably with a good crowd! we are goin on saturday mornin so wel be there saturday nite and sunday nite any suggestions??

Buckfast Guest

Pub wise in town, the "trendy" crowd normally go to the Living Room, the Front Door, the Kings Head, the Quays, Ti na nOg — if you stay on that side of town (Quay Street), you can't really go wrong. They're all open til 2 if ye want to avoid a club.

Club wise, the "trendy" crowd will again be going to Halo (gone to sh!t), Central Park (CP) next door. Theyre only a short walk from the above pubs too. Cuba is up the top of Eyre Square and I find is hit and miss, same with Karma across the road.

Stay away from Kaytoo (aka Church Lane) on Shop Street (knackers), the GPO (knacker kiddies) and Boo Radleys.

Don't know how busy it'll be aroung Galway this weekend though — I'd say everyone is either broke or on the alcohol withdrawal depression buzz after Race Week

Have a flick through the Galway City forum:

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Thanks Buckfast we went to a few bars and then to Central Park and then back to the hotel for a few more!! Had a great weekend thanks for the advice!!

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The amount of Hen parties last nignt! I presume ye were one of them?

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