Fuzzie Bear Registered User

Anyone know of any boot sales or markets around Dublin, Meath, Wicklow area ??

Am looking to rid the house of 10 years of stuff... lol

ali.g Registered User

have one in your front garden!

derek27 Registered User

dont know of any in those regions, but, so long as its not household junk you're trying to flog, if you really want to get rid of it all in one go, i suggest heading to clara market on sunday. it draws around 5-6000 people every week.

Fuzzie Bear Registered User

Where is Clara market ?


Im guessing its in clara

derek27 Registered User

drive to kilbeggan...turn left onto the N52 (signposted tullamore)...turn right along the bypass (signposted other routes)...take 3rd exit off the roundabout onto the N80 (signposted athlone,clara)... go straight ahead; 6 miles to clara.

joolsveer Registered User

Any idea what time it's on?

derek27 Registered User

usually gets crackin about 10am and runs right through til about 6. if the weather is good its always thronged with both buyers and sellers. i picked up a lovely valuable antique there from an old woman for €8 about 6 months ago. turns out its worth in the region of 300 - 400. lucky me,.

SouperComputer Moderator

fairyhouse racecourse and kart city, santry: http://www.sundaymarket.ie/

not sure if they are running at this time of year, but i would say the santry one is anyway.

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