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While abroad I fell in love with Sangria. I was going to bring some home but I was concerned about my luggage weight. I have failed to find any in the shops.

Where can I buy this stuff here in Ireland?
Is it easy to make?
If so, what do I need?

All help welcome people as I need a fix asap. Cold turkey has well and truly set in.

Petal Registered User

I think I saw what looked like Sangria being sold in Aldi over the weekend. Dunno what it'd be like though.

Stimpyone Registered User

They sell it in Superquinns as well

otron Registered User


Where can I buy this stuff here in Ireland?
Is it easy to make?
If so, what do I need?

Had the exact same situation but had the benefit of girlfriend who lived in Spain.

Just mix
- 3/4 parts Red Wine
- 1 part Orangeade (Fanta is fine)
- 2 measures Peach Vodka (Im sure any fruity vodka would do)
- 2 x Cinnamon sticks

and enjoy...

Quantities are a complete estimate, give it a shot and you'll find the right mix.

PJG Registered User

Yeah Aldi have it alright, much the same as whats in the supermarkets in Spain. Only diference is the price.

When in France for the same bottle I was paying 2e, in aldi its about 5.5e.


Lauriem Registered User

Just back from my holiday and all I did was drink sangria and now I am so sad. I bought the bottles of SANGRINA (how it is spelt on bottle) in Aldi and was digusting cheap rip off don't get it think its only about 2% alchohol. I am going to try the home made stuff instead

babaduck Registered User

I make mine with...

250ml Gin
1 bottle (750ml) red wine
2 litres Fanta Orange

Loads of chopped fruit & a squeeze of fresh lime juice never hurts

Mantel Registered User

Try dunnes for bottles of it. The stuff they have is in a triangle shaped bottle with orange-ish lable and is quite nice (I thought anyway). While not as strong as straight wine it's about 7-8%

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