riverrock2009 Registered User

how long does hash stay in your system?

Im starting a new job who are goin to make me do a medical in a weeks time. I smoke a few each night and am scared that the medical will show up traces of hash.. I was told theres a urine sample taken so what the hell am I goin to do? If it does show up wil I still get the job as its not class A.. is there any excuses I can use to bluff my way out of it?
Please help guys.

Ishmael Registered User

Afaik it can be detected in your urine about a month afterwards, but thats based on what i've heard not actual fact.

Töpher Registered User

Tell them you're blind.

riverrock2009 Registered User

a month thats terrible... I have the medical in bout a weeks time do ya reckon it would stop me gettin a job?

John2002 Registered User

is there any excuses I can use to bluff my way out of it?

Tell them you were in Holland recently and you gave it a try. You never know.....

riverrock2009 Registered User

Yeah i was thinkin that alright cause I dont smoke cigerettes so they can probably tel that from the sample too and might just see it as yeah he tried it recently but it was legal.. ah i dont know I think Im tryin to fool myself. This will really **** everytin up if they take the sample.. I wouldnt mind this isnt a job for tescos this is a pretty high paid job ive been lookin for for ages went through 3 interviews to get it!!!

DrIndy Registered User

it is fat soluble and so remains in your system for ages. I also don't know about the legality of imposing a urine test on people either.

However, with this, if you sit in a very hash filled room recently then it will turn up positive so its a good plea.

tribulus Registered User

i'd imagine that they'd be looking for indications of your general health rather than drug use. i.e elevated creatinine levels etc etc. dr indy some help

do metabolites of the drug show up without a specific test?also how is the test performed HPLC, mass spectrometry?

sorry for the questions but it's an interesting topic - i'm also partial to a few J's every now and again

astec123 Banned

Riverrock, my advice is ryanair. Take a day trip. If they ask say you decided to take a trip away and didnt think, say you met a friend while away and they offered you some and you didnt want to be rude to them.

el_tiddlero Registered User

90% of the traces of THC in your system come out of your anus within five days, its pretty impossible to detect in urine unless you test straight after you've smoked, take five days off and drink plenty of orange juice/some other diuretic stuff and you'll be fine... unless they take hair samples cos then they can tell exactly what you've been doing since that hair grew so you might want to shave your head too just in case....
i'm thinking that unless a load of amphetamines or something else weird in your system they probably won't say anything, mostly they take urine to make sure you aren't diabetic...

phonemonkey Registered User

You may not believe me but if you drink about a pint of undiluted ribena it will clear it outa your system. Im just glad i didnt have to try it but a mate of mine did and he says it worked

John Registered User

Traces of cannabis will be in your system for about six months but unless they do a drugs test on your blood you're safe because that can't be forced on you.

Spud2010 Registered User

Hey im roughly 4ft 7 inches
im 10stone 8 pounds
ive got a blood test this wednesday 16th
i had smoked 2-3 drags of hash about 2 weeks 5 days from wednesday the 16 next will it be gone out of my blood by then? write back as soon as possible i need to know?

Spud2010 Registered User

please tell me?????!!!

Odysseus Registered User

I work in a drug treatment setting OP, we use urine analysis, for most people you are looking at 4 weeks. Not all medicals test for drug use and they have to inform you if they plan to IIRC.

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