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I've searched the archives of this board and I don't think this topic has come up before, so I thought I'd raise it.

I'm flying from Dublin Airport this evening, and I thought I'd cycle as it'll probably be not much longer than getting the bus from Smithfield (DTO journey planner says less than one hour which is usually pretty accurate for me).

I rang Dublin Airport and they said that they don't have anywhere to park a bike! I think this is ridiculous -- surely with all the money they've pumped in to multi-storey car parks they can put in a few cycle racks...

According to their website the email for customer service is if anyone feels like letting them know what a scandal this is.

Also, if anyone has any tips about where might be a good place to lock a bike in the airport where it won't get blown up by over-zealous security or lifted/vandalised by undesirables I'd really appreciate it. It'll only be there for 24 hours.



I've left my bike chained to the railings just inside the entrance to the car park beside the terminal on the arrivals level. There were other bikes parked there too. I was only there for an hour or so though, I didn't leave it overnight.

loz Registered User

The aerlingus Head Office Building has bike racks - only 5 min walk to the terminal

Dub13 Moderator

When you are heading into the Airport take the Arrivals road,cycle all the way down to the end of it past all the Dublin bus the end of this road turn left into a surface staff car park,you can lock your bike here.


Has anyone actually left their bike overnight there? Is it safe enough even if you're not an employee of Aer Lingus?

saobh_ie Registered User

Isn't there parking in the multi storey carpark? Right near the doors leading to the terminal?

John_C Registered User

I just lock up in the Multi Story car park. There's plenty of railings and I feel that it's pretty safe in the airport. I've left the bike there for up to a week with no problems.


I live near the airport and I thought - why don't I cycle up and leave the bike there for the five days I'll be away?

Am I crazy? Are there places to leave bicycles at the airport?

markpb Registered User

I left mine in short term parking last time. There are metal bars near the walls at the centre that you could lock your bike to if you have a chain.

Losty Dublin Registered User

Have a look at this; it should be of assistance


There's tonnes of places around the airport terminal for free parking cycles and motorcycles, however at your own risk. The reason the airport authorities mentioned that there wasn't was because they don't want to be liable.

I use to lock a motorbike on in the 2nd floor of the short term car park.There's a CCTV looking straight down at the spot so it puts off anyone wanting to mess with it. Secret of airport parking is good locks.

MichaelDublin Registered User

Thanks for the info here guys. i've got serious locks (2 kryptonite types and 2 coil locks) but my bike is maybe €800 worth. Therefore I'm debating leaving it for a week and am not sure what to do. I think I need to insure the bike! Has anyone had bikes stolen out there?

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