So I'm going to Johnny Foxes tonight.

I have to make my way, on my lonesome, to Glencullen or Enniskerry. I then have access to a car from there.

How will I get to Glencullen or Enniskerry (or even better, Johnny Foxes pub) from the city centre?

Anyone ever tackled this one before?


kjt Registered User

There is a bus that goes up very close to there I'm pretty sure but I dont know which one. check www.dublinbus.ie

This should do the trick, linky

kjt Registered User

Sorry there's no Sunday service I just noticed.

This should do it for you, but you gotta get to Bray, not really a problem though.



Cheers. I was looking at that one as well.

Still, bit of a pain in the arse! Luckily I have a new good book

("Yes Man", by Danny Wallace, if you're stuck for a new book!!)


****!!! No bloody darts on the weekend!!

Agh. Bollox. Bus it is!

kjt Registered User

lol, Its called a taxi. Then you run away into fields

Victor Registered User

****!!! No bloody darts on the weekend!!
There are loads of extra busses laid on. Alternatively get a bus 44 to Enniskerry from the city centre or Dundrum.

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