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I've been trying to pair or connect my phone (Nokia 6230) to my laptop (HP ZV6067EA) all evening... but the problem is when I've been asked for the PIN's. I don't have one for the phone or the laptop! They're both brand new and i've never been asked to create either and I can't find anywhere on the computer to change them and the help files aren't any help... if anyone has any suggestions on either the phone or laptop PIN that'd be great thanks. (I can leave the PIN for the phone blank on the laptop and that seems ok, but the nokia gives you no option to leave the laptop's PIN blank..) Really hope someone knows something!

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when pairing devices you decide the PIN. Say you are setting it up from the PC you enter your PIN from the PC first, when it connects to the phone you will be asked to enter the same PIN there. Once set up is complete you can set both devices to connect without requesting a PIN..

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Yeh I've got a 6230 and when I want to connect it to my laptop (Samsung X20) I have to choose a PIN on my laptop first, hit connect, then my phone asks me to enter a PIN. I then enter the same PIN and they connect.

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