wanwarlock Registered User

hi all,

i'd like to know if there's a car boot sale here in dublin or near dublin. having been here for the last 6 years, i've never heard of it (probably because i was a skint student with no car!).

so if anybody knows, plz tell me...


ponyboy Registered User

Hi there i have just put up a new website which aims to be a place where people can find out about car boot sales and markets in the 32 counties
If you are an organizer of a boot sale or market or if you wish to provide details of events in your area please text me at 0879121538 or visit www.bootflea.com
we will also post a picture with each listing if available
kind regards

vibrant Registered User

I understand that there is a car boot sale/jumble sale in Temple Bar on the last weekend of every month. Perhaps if you rang the Temple Bar info centre they'd have more info on it for you? It's advertised through handwritten signs taped on lamposts throughout Temple Bar, so it's fairly.... grassroots

Also, I think there are usually a lot in school/church grounds coming up to Christmas time.

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