rymus Registered User

Congratulations to joint 1st place Shrimp and Treasa with 4 votes each.

Jasmine & Des take second place with 2 votes a piece and coming in third are Kev & John with one vote.

Pics as soon as I get back from the pub! I think somehow I'll also be re-thinking the voting for the next challenge.... But for now "hurrah, everyone wins!"

Shrimp & Treasa, you get the honour of picking the next theme so whoever gets in first...

Shrimp Registered User


I pic sunsets..

Ciao and thanks..

Calina Registered User


Yeah, sunsets are okay by me.

rymus Registered User

An honourable mention to Downtime who emailed me an entry which I somehow 'forgot' to add to the poll. Ooops!

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