Chad ghostal Registered User

I got a call today from a number starting with country code 0016
( i assume i cant post the full number without being banned?)
it (computer voice) said i had just won a cruise and that i have to press 9 now to claim my prize ..
naturally i hung up, but i was just wondering has anybody else experienced this?
its the first time i've had this and was not impressed,

is this the kind of crap we can expect in the future?

Mods i checked other forums, its not directly related to broadband or any telecome so i didnt put it in irelandoffline or nets and comms..

kenmc Registered User

not heard it, heard of it a bit. dunno if pressing 9 makes you pay a large amount of money, likewise dunno if you just leave the phone down for an hour rather than hanging up does it cost them a fortune (would be nice), or does it somehow manage to bill your fone....
can imagine it's annoying though - esp if it's a bloody computer!

Clinical Waste Registered User

Yep, got this **** about 3 days ago.
Better not be the start of things to come or this may be the final nail required to ditch the landline altogether.

Have cable for broadband and 200 min a month free calls on mobile (for all Irish numbers and landlines in Aus, Uk, Canada etc) so I'm teetering on the edge of kissing Eircom goodbye forever.

s_gr Registered User

I got a similar phone call, the 001 is the prefix for a US number. I challenged them as where they got my number but they hung up. They called again a few days later, didnt answer once i seen the number. I am going to lookinto where they got my number. Hope this does not become a regular thing.

seamus Dental Plan!

Probably one of those things where you dial nine, and your call is rerouted and charged to you at premium and/or international rates.

Chad ghostal Registered User

i googled the full number and only got a few results,
most of them were in a different language, and some wanring not to giver over your card number (whatever that means). .

Probably one of those things where you dial nine, and your call is rerouted and charged to you at premium and/or international rates.

thats what i figured...

is this kind of carry on illegal, would comreg or anyone else be able to nip it in the butt?

Chad ghostal Registered User

just curious what this has to do with mobiles or pda's??
(spam recieved on home phone...)

Chalk Registered User

sounds like an auto dialler,
illegal afaik, remember homers "send 1 dollar to happy dude" scam?

when you press 9 it puts you through to the guys running it,
they then talk you into giving them your cc number.

doubt its a premiun-rate type scam,
just standard phishing.

mik_da_man Hosted Moderator

I got this call also on my landline,

it is from a a company offering you 'Free' cruises in the bahamas and other things like holidays in florida.

THIS IS A SCAM and stay well clear from it!!

the guy was telling me about how great the cruise was but trying to get info abt my Credit card all the time just poping questions like "is it a Mastercard or Visa" and asking for the exp date in the middle of the spiel about the holiday.

Finally he asks me for my Credit card no and i ask him what for?
he says he wants to debit €900 for this "free" holiday i naturally decline!

And ask him what guarntee he has that i will get my holiday and he directs me to a dodgy site with a nice picture of a Guarntee
he says print that out it's all ya need!!

Did a quick google on them and got a lot of info pointing to a scam including that their Travel agent licence had been removed by florida state Govt on the 11th March!!

Asked the guy about this and he promptly hung up!!

As for the legality of the issue at the moment it is legal through a loophole.
It is illegal for EU companies to SPAM call people but US companies can do it ok!

Hopefully this will be sorted out soon as i know of someone who nearly fell for it even gave their card no but I was visiting when she was on the call and stopped it!

my .02c


leche solara Registered User

Something in the paper the other day about this. When you press 9 you are unwittingly dialling a premium rate number which is about €5 a minute. Even if you hang up straight after pressing 9 you are charged for a minimum 5 minute call. Comreg know about this but cant do anything as call is originating outside country

astec123 Banned

Interesting that they cant do anything when they can, all they are required to do it to get the number blocked on our end. Had the call twice now and its getting annoying.
thats how they get the number, but its not hard for eircom and co to block them, no doubt that its pissing them off at the minute with complains so they should be blocking it.

Cutie18Ireland Registered User

got the same type of call last year! basically their claiming its a 5star holiday for the price of a 2 star so ppl go expecting the 5 star but are largely disappointed when they recieve a 2 star holiday u have a year and a half to book the holiday with them but on mentioning cancelling the holiday they extend to 3 years!! it cost €700 for 4 adults...


I got one to my parents landline. American woman's voice.

elivsvonchiaing Registered User

I know how this works... These people know banking law and understand the perimeters within which to operate.

One would think that several hundred customers complaining to their bank about this and eventually getting a refund (these people appear to the bank as legit merchants), would not make it worth their while; the bank issue a reversal.

However, if you look at the spot rate on the day, and your credit card statement, you might figure out that there is still money made here. I doubt if this is always the case.

I imagine risk analysts in treasury have identified that it is overall worthwhile. However, do they know that the group will suffer when people move their mortgages?

In my case €175,000.

They are Florida Travel Escapes a.k.a just look for this on google +SCAM.

The bank knows who they are!



Have got a few messages on my landline while I was out - message just says "PRESS 9 NOW" repeatedly.

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