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Well guys,
If Ireland ever win thw Eurovision again, who do you all think shpuld present it? I cantr see Mary Kennedy or Carrie Crowley doing it so i'd like to see Sharon Ni Bheolain and Ryan Tubridy doing it. She could bring her intellegence and good looks and him his wit and humour. AS perfect match? What do you all think? Who do u think should present if Ireland ever wins again!

qz Registered User

Kinda has to be Tubridy doesn't it? Maybe that one who won Miss World or Universe too.

Telefís Registered User

I'd like Ireland to make a statement and use only a single presenter again - though Tubridy & Ní Bheoláin would make a good combination alright

Wertz Registered User

Robot leprechauns!

Lump Moderator

TERRY WOGAN! Irish and English.... he's the king of Eurovision!


Tiffany Registered User

Please not Pat the plank Kenny again. If anyone remembers Eurovision 1988.

And Marty could possibly be a host... although he doesn't seem that bad compared to the Ukrainian presenters this year.

Telefís Registered User

Pat was excellent on commentary, until he started doing the Late Late and so Marty had to take over.

Marty pales into gibbering insignificance compared to Pat - and he knows it.

BuffyBot Administrator

Actually, I thought Pat Kenny's commentary was wooden and dull, much like the man himself. I normally watch the BBC version, but this year I often flicked over to RTE to listen to Marty Whelan

Telefís Registered User

All Marty does is snigger and titter and clumsily talk over the presenters at times.
(though all in all he's all right and I like him on other programmes)

Pat had a more observational style, and had the political background to boot for the voting, where he really shone I think. He was also overall very professional - links timed to a tee, nice even tone, decent vocabulary etc - always delivered a polished performance.

I suppose it's unfair to compare then and now; up to about 98/99 Eurovision was treated very seriously - even Wogan wasn't as cynical/sardonic as he is now.
Pat was perfect in that context.

whiskeyman Registered User

bring back zig and zag!!!!

Heck... give it to Dustin even!

limerick_man Registered User

Yeah, Tuburty, (not Wogan... he would still have to be there to take the piss out of Tuburty)!

It would b great if U2, represented Ireland!!!!

Elmo Registered User


Brian017 Registered User

You needn't worry. We'll never win it again.


It would b great if U2, represented Ireland!!!!

I couldn't see U2, or any band/singer worth a damn, lowering themselves to eurovision standard.

On the off chance that Ireland does ever win this again RTE need to find someone new to present because the current batch of presenters really aren't worth watching/listening too.

Except Sharon

Telefís Registered User

Watching Sharon yes, but listening - ugggh, shudder...

She has a voice of a violin being played with a cheese grater.

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