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Appreciate any guidance or thoughts on this one...

We have an Opel Corsa 1999 1.0L which yesterday, started to show up the EPS light on the dashboard in red (not flashing, staying constantly on).

There appears to be no noticable difference in the driving experience, inc. power steering seems normal.

EPS seems to be to do with the Electronic Power Steering.

Has anyone else come across this? If so, did it lead to you needing to get costly part replacement or maintenance on the car?

IrishRover Registered User

Check to see if your power steering fluid is low

catho_monster Registered User

mine was a 98 corsa 1.0 litre.
this happened about six months ago. seemed fine for a while. you can drive away with the light on. then the power steering goes and it takes some muscles to get the wheel to turn. still, you can drive with it, but its fairly taxing...
it costs nearly a grand for the part, not to mind the labour to get it fixed. you can get the part second hand, but nobody will fit it (as far as i could find) as steering is such an integral part of the driving, that if it went it could cost lives and people just wouldnt take responsibility.
get rid of the car before it goes altogether. i waited till it went then lost money on the resale value.
this is only personal experience... i'm not an expert.

Hotblack Desiato Registered User

On the 1.0 Corsa it's an electric system, not hydralic, so no fluid (GF has a 1998 1.0 12v, cracking little car)
Sounds like a dealer job to me unfortunately - you might be lucky though and it just needs a system reset to clear the error code.
Might be worth disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, then check the power steering fuse isn't blown - if you're a guy you might think it's working when it's not

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