Only Human Banned

I'm suppirsed there hasn't been one already but I'm making the #LeavingCert IRC channel on Quakenet if anyone's interested.


Finch* Registered User

its a good idea, but i wont be there, cuz my parents confiscated my laptop till after the lc (too much cs =]) good luck!

Creamy Goodness Registered User

you play cs on a laptop?

Finch* Registered User

i play cs on as laptop that gives me 45 fps at BEST and with like 8mb graphics card. i also have to put the screen at a dodgy angle cuz it doesnt work straight up. roll on new pc please, donations to Finch*@Dublin plz

Finch* Registered User

oi!!! wheres my sig gone!!

P O'Neill Registered User

I stole it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Emo sucks and I bet I could whoop yo' ass at CS anyday!

Finch* Registered User

I bet I could whoop yo' ass at CS anyday!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Dave after the LC your going to have to prove that y'know. seriously though, i'll embarass you.

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