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TV3 over estimated the success of The Apprentice. Which I have said before is a fairly average show, which isn't a bad thing since I actually like all version of the show. However this may not keep the viewers.

It is schedule on one of the most popular days of the week for Television viewing. Both RTE, TV3 and TG4 know this, TG4 can attain 90,000 viewers for some of its Monday Night shows. This is different this season with the apprentice taking so many viewers but also that RTE every year put the their prime documentaries and dramas on RTE ONE and RTE TWO. This means that competition on a Monday night this year has been huge. Which is a good thing.

So how are they all fairing: -

Well RTE One remains on top with the Nine O'Clock news, Bertie, Who do You think you are, Bank holiday movie and where was your family during the famine all getting average viewing of 500,000.

RTE TWO has been a surprise this year (mainly because this has been their worst year for new productions) but they all got a good market share RTE TWO kept up an average of 200,000 viewers for Monday night, with RAW, Katherine Lynch, Living With Lucy, Rodge and Podge and others short live series, I would be surprised if the J1 show continues with this phenomona of bad successful TV for RTE TWO.

And TV3 have averaged 250,000 viewers for the apprentice. But most weeks it has added viewers and it should be helped by I'm a Celeb..... and that it is coming to its climax. But you also have to take in to account that TV3 repeat this show twice and again on Channel Six. (twice in prime time).

I think TV3 wanted around 500,000 (on average) viewers for this show and over estimated the popularity of the show.

I haven't seen TG4 TAMs since the redid their website


We dont get TV3 but they seem to show roughly the same programmes as UTV

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lovinit said:
We dont get TV3 but they seem to show roughly the same programmes as UTV

Yeah pretty much a few exceptions. They don't show ITV News, GMTV or UTV News or any of their current affair programmes. Or any of their imported shows, US Programming and a few Irish shows are the main differences.

They have a deal with ITV for their programmes until 2013.

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Prime Time (ROI)
1. RTE 132.5%
2. Other TV 14.3%
3. TV312.5%
4. RTE 211.8%
5. BBC 15.1%
6. UTV4.5%
7. CH 43.6%
8. BBC 23.2%
9. TG42.2%
10.SKY One 2.1%
11.Living TV1.2%
12.E4 1.2%
13.SKY News0.8%
15. SKY Sports 0.7%
16. Setanta 0.7%
17. 3e0.7%
18. MTV0.7%
19. SKY Sports 20.5%
20. Nick 0.3%
21. Nick Jr 0.2%
22. SKY Sports News 0.1%
23. Paramount 1 +10.1%

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Elmo, interested to hear what you think of this? Have you seen it?

Pretty much filling a need...37% share last week up from 33 the week before. Production values? Talent??

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plugitplayit said:
Elmo, interested to hear what you think of this? Have you seen it?

Pretty much filling a need...37% share last week up from 33 the week before. Production values? Talent??

I think I replied to that thread. Not my type of show tbh.

The reason you will find with 32% is because it provides most of the news and current affairs for the country. You aren't going to get the same type of news shows on other channels. Also RTÉ do a number of quality documentaries after 9 O'Clock. You see RTÉ aren't just relying on Entertainment to bring in their audience.

Unlike TV3 and RTE TWO who rely on Soap opera and Sport (respectively) to get their audiences.

Also the above figures are for Prime Time only. All day below.

1RTE 126.8
2All Other TV17.9
4RTE 210.7
5BBC 15.6
7CH 43.9
8BBC 23.2
10SKY One2.2
11Living TV1.5
13SKY News1.3
14SKY Sports 11.1
17Setanta Sports0.8
20SKY Sports 20.5
21Nick Jr0.4
22SKY Sports News*0.2
23Paramount 1 +10.1

The All Ireland Talent Shows first episode got 536,000 viewers. I don't think the audience will stay at that level to be honest. I don't I watched a bit of the first show and am trying to avoid the show as much as I tried to avoid the Fakeness of Xfactor, which was up this year from last year.

Also Sunday Night after the news is gold, and really it can't be as bad as Colm and Jim Jim even Anne Doyle couldn't save them.

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Yeah Colm and Jim Jim was dissapointing alright. I think i watched one full show. Thing is, the idea in theory I thought was much better - Basically a 'Where in the World?' for the 21st century. Using skype and competing against users around the world in General Knowledge questions or possibly even geography question. Didn't come close to the bulls eye though.

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There is only so much of daytime television that anyone person can handle. Weather it is the banter from across the water on This Morning or Loose Women or the happy happy omg attitude of the xpose girls during this recession it will eventually grate on you and you will become addicted to finding out what the hell happens to the pregnant teenager in Neighbors (yes they don't spell it with a U).

Daytime TV on up as times get hard

It is time to get out of the house. Go to the gym, you possibly have paid those annual fee, go on get fit.


Why not think of studying, while the academic year has already started perhaps it is time to look at either night or day course as a hobby that may lead you to thinking about a full time course next year. After all we have all paid the nations colleges.

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Wish I had this last night! Thanks anyway

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This week see allot of English Language programming but is is down to the lack of summer programming on TG4, consisting of mainly repeats and foreign imports.

I am surprised to see Paisean Faisean continuing to do well for TG4, I would have thought the novelty would have run it course but with 77,000 and 41,000 viewers it is doing very well for TG4.

None of the TV rating ever mention News which accounts for most of the viewers for Irish programmes across all of the Irish channels. I suppose it is to give a general idea of what people are watching outside the news.

Weekending the 21/06/09 They might keep this updated

1RTÉ One22.2
3RTÉ Two11.6
4BBC One5.2
6Channel 43.9
8BBC Two2.5
9Sky One2
12Comedy Central1.2
13Sky News1.1
14Sky Sports 11
15Sky Sports 20.9
17Setanta Ireland0.9
20Nick Jr0.6
21E4 + 10.5
22Comedy Central +10.5
23Sky Sports News0.4

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how do they know wat people are watching?

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blueovalmk2 said:
how do they know wat people are watching?

Each of the TV channels that you see listed above subscribe to TAM Ireland, and with that subscription they allow TAM Ireland use their TV listings to do research on each of their programmes. The "other" figure can be broken down into each of the other channels available but TAM do not collect details of the shows that they watch on those other channels on their percent viewing figures.

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Does anyone know where you can get ratings for Setanta 1, especially since Setanta went bust in the UK?

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An Tarbh said:
Does anyone know where you can get ratings for Setanta 1, especially since Setanta went bust in the UK?

Setanta don't pay for full listings to be collected for Setanta 1 but they know what their the average audience share is through the statistic that they pay for Setanta Ireland.

Setanta 1 doesn't rely on audience share, rather it is more interested in subscriptions. Setanta Ireland has a deal with both UPC and Magnet to be on their basic packages but both are paying for this, Setanta Ireland cut the price of their service for the companies hence they rely on audience share for advertising.

No company will provide a breakdown of the 20% share that "other" channels get

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