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the GT350 Hertz is a stunning car and worth a packet!

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Just a few snaps from the Roberts Cove Vintage Festival. This was the 3rd running of what is now an annual event and it has grown hugely. This year there was about 40cars and about 70 tractors. Only got a few snaps because the camera was on the blink.

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603304529 Registered User

Saw this Escort in Bantry on the weekend. Nice little car. With New South Welsh registration!!!

Aussie Escort in Bantry

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trevorbrady Registered User

trevorbrady said:
love the reg on this, spotted in Co. Kilkenny last weekend...

5K ouch!


Marlow Registered User

trevorbrady said:
5K ouch!

Dreamer of the year award ?


kev1.3s Registered User

no time wasters please! there is only one time waster there!

2cv Registered User

Marlow said:
Dreamer of the year award ?


1948Wolseley Registered User

Not quite 'today', more like eight months ago, but here it is anyway: 1913 Cork-registered Model T Runabout in Abernethy's Midelton.

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Max_Damage Registered User

Spotted these today...

Mercedes 280SE in Walkinstown (owned by the same guy who use to have the white Fiat 131 a few years ago):

Triumph Toledo beside my friend's garage just of the Walkinstown roundabout on the Greenhills Road:

'88 Toyota Starlet (same location):

'89 Peugeot 205 GTi (again, same location):

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Do-more Registered User

I posted these earlier on the Motors HWIST thread but they are probably better here.

Don't know for sure but I think the Cobra is genuine, it was on German plates and the Bonneville had a Florida plate.

I'm living in Sweden now and there is a lot of old yank metal here which comes out in the summer months and a few Volvo Amazons of course! Will see if I can get a few more pics to post here.

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Big Nasty Registered User

68deville said:
the GT350 Hertz is a stunning car and worth a packet!

Savage car but I doubt it's a real GT350 Hertz - would only travel to shows on a trailer if it was!

Gatster Registered User

Nice Roller at the top of the Spanish Steps

Another Beetle

Do-more Registered User

1948Wolseley Registered User

Citroen DS outside City Hall in Cork this evening:

jrar Registered User

Some oldies spotted on the road in France last month...

Citroen DS21 Cabriolet

Citroen H van

Citroen Athena ?

Mystery lorry

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