Art_Wolf Moderator

# Easons

#Other Realms Ltd.
Paul Street Shopping Centre, Cork City.
Tel: (021) 422 2224
Fax: (021) 427 9508


# Chapters
Parnell Street, Dublin 1.

# The Corner Store
Crow Street, Dublin 2.

# Laser
23 Sth. Gt. George's St.
Tel (01) 671 1466

# Sub City
2 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.
Tel. (01) 677 1902
Unit 5 West Essex Street, Cow Lane
Tel. Unknown.

# Tower Records Dublin
6-8 Wicklow St, Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 671 3250

# Virgin
The Square, Tallaght

# Redlight Records
Shop Street and Eglinton Street

# Sub City
Corbett Court / Eyre Square Centre

#Books 'n' More
Orantown Shopping Centre, Oranmore
Tel: (091) 788924

#The Director's Cut
Killarney Outlet Centre, Killarney

#The Gathering
43 Lower Gerald Griffin St
Tel: (061) 315133

#O'Mahony's Bookshop
120 O'Connell Street
Tel: (061) 418155

# Tall Tales bookshop
30 Michael Street, Co Waterford
Tel: (051) 873967

# United Publications

# Archonia


# The Other Realms

# Bargin Alert

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sarahpie Registered User

wow i didnt no there were tat many places ! my friend is a brilliant manga artist and she only 14

Sigard Registered User

For anyone ever visiting Cork City

Other Realms Ltd.,
Paul Street Shopping Centre,
Cork City,

021 422 2224

021 427 9508


homer88 Registered User

hi guys can anyone give me the full address or phone no
of sub city in galway can not get through to the dub shop
and in galway for w/end

Makaveli Registered User

Probably best off ringing directory enquiries (11811 I think) and asking them.

Art_Wolf Moderator

If you get any info post it and Ill add it on.

Kazuma Registered User

A long time ago I used to collect manga from forbidden planet in Dublin, but the prices became outrageous, so I I was wondering if the other place had roughly the same prices (20 euros for a book I can get for 7 in spain), or are they a reasonable price?

EDIT: Also, I found various links to the Anime And Manga Society Of Dublin, one in your signature, which links to a DCU site, and the one, but neither work

Art_Wolf Moderator

Yeah fraid prices are still a big pain :/

You'll find most manga pricedaround the ~14euro mark but still go to france etc and they are 5-7euro >_<

Heh yeah,hadnt noticed I'd misspelled the url ^_^;; fixed now.

scorpy Registered User

Chapters have a smallish manga section now too.

Victor Von Doom Registered User

Anyone know where i can pick up some x-men the animated series on dvd,i picked up one
the wolverine saga in laser,which didnt feature Magneto even though the sleeve said it did,anyways there extremly hard to find,anyone any idea's


Gamers Realm in Galway have a small amount of Manga.

-Neo- Awaiting Email Confirmation

Well im moving to galway soon, and i like to collect manga, but which of those shops in galway would sell manga, such as Dragonball z, Naruto, Shaman King,etc?

Thanks For The Help .



Sub City is definetly your best bet.

-Neo- Awaiting Email Confirmation

Karl Hungus
Sub City is definetly your best bet.

Thank You, I Will Try Sub City Then ^_^

Graki_Khan Registered User

Your best bet for animé in Ireland is a good net connection cause 90% of the stuff you buy here is crap or teeeeeeeeeerribly over priced. so you can,

1 - Get a healthy broadband connection and dload it, cause there is a lotta great animé that's never put up for USA or European release, or it takes faaaaar too long untill it's done. And personally, I prefer subs instead of dubs.


2 - Import it from places like or or

It drives me insane hearing people say that Animé is all the same or looks all the same or is just crap. But in terms of the selection of animé that we have to choose from in this country, I can see where these people are coming from....

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