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What would you do if u had 50g to invest. I think i would stay away from the property market, most bargains seem to be gone. would have to be stocks. 50,000 split beteween 6 diff sectors. Seems to be a nice slump at the moment in the USA.

Any body?

kenmc Registered User

you *could* give it to me. I could embezzle sorry invest it for you...

David19 Registered User

Foreign property?

full forward Registered User

1. Give some to charity.
2. Put it against my mortgage.
3. Put it in a rabobank account while I think about it (3%)
4. Buy some risk free things like prize bonds.
5. But some high risk shares shuch as Waterford Wedgwood.
6. Buy some safe shares such as Anglo Irish Bank
7. Buy a plazma TV.

jay567 Registered User

haha, yeah ill meet u tomorrow and give it to u, no need for a recipt.

about foreign property, turkey looks good as does some parts in the south of spain. I have one in the north of spain which has given back better returns than the popular resort locations and yearly rentals are easier to come by. But dont really like the risks involved in the new euro states.

jay567 Registered User

Plazma tv, hummmm.
About rabobank, do u have any info on them? I seen the ad on tv the other day but cant remember a thing.


nesf Registered User

Foreign Property, am looking at Eastern Europe at the moment, but I'm unsure. Property in Spain is nice, but Spain's property market was described as over-valued at the moment (like Irelands). Can't remember where I read that.

If I had 50K lying around right now? Hmm, I'd probably take some for staking my poker play

Although for returns etc with interest rates so low, I'm not sure. Diversify, diversify, diversify. Pick 4 or 5 areas you like the look of and invest 10K or so in each. Enough to have finger in the pie, but not enough that a major downturn in said area would cripple you.

If 50K was all that I had in savings, I'd be putting it in some safe(ish) investment scheme tbh. Stocks and shares are nice and can get you good returns, but I wouldn't be putting my pension on them.

jay567 Registered User

Eastern Europe just gives me a bad feeling. Places like poland being hyped. Now tell me if the polish population is expected to drop 15% in the next 10 yrs where will the demand come to raise the prices.

I agree with u in the fact that spain is over valued, along the standard tourist trails. But one thing that wont change about spain is that its close, has good weather and will stay cheap to fly to.

they are flogging property at the moment on the radio for Thailand, would be nice to have but not really the jump on the plane and to the house in no time kinda location.

full forward Registered User

Plazma tv, hummmm.
About rabobank, do u have any info on them? I seen the ad on tv the other day but cant remember a thing.


THey pay you 3% which is 10 times higher then the average irish bank account. Your 50grand would earn about €28.75 a week before tax or 1500 per year. Im in the process of opening one.

jay567 Registered User

Thanks full forward, maybe u could post how it all goes when ur done.

vector Registered User

buy lots of oil and store it in hidden rural tanks and sell it in 20years for a huge profit

Hitchhiker's Guide to... Registered User

wouldn't go near the us stock market. while it may be in a bit of a slump, it is historically overpriced. there is just too much money chasing these investments.

i'd recommend putting the money in a selection of about 10 AIM/Irish/European small-cap growth stocks, after doing a lot of research. but only if you could afford to sit on your investment for about 10-15 years.

AND OF COURSE: Staying away from the current bubble in small-cap oil and online-gambling stocks!!!

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Property in turkey is going up 30% a year you could still buy a house there for 50g and do nothing with it for 3 years an you make 100% profit and if you lease it to holiday makers you could pay the costs for the 3 years holding it and make more profit!

Irish share Elan will be good in next year or so again...or waterford, the cheaper irish shares are the most profitable over a short period of time just watch them.


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I was thinking of opening a rabobank account also,would you reccomend it to a 17 yr old. I would use it to keep money I earn during the summer..would this just be a waste of time?What other benefits have Rabobank.ie on offer?


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vector Registered User

complicated things are usually 18years+ check out rabos terms and conditions
if you can't then use your local credit union which will return 2-3% p.a.

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