Fibonacci Registered User

Does anyone have any experience using Skype with Dial-up?

It says it will work, but I've heard people say the quality isn't too good. I'll be looking to do Skype on DSL to Skype on dial-up.

Kracken Registered User

where I work, we tested that and found that it uses about 4 kbps upload so you would want make sure you pretty close to your exchange and that your connection is perfect to have it on dial up....

bedlam Moderator

I've used it between two dial up users, one getting 44k/s the other around the 28k/s range and it was fine. You wouldnt want to be doing anything else though

Gone West in search of greener pastures

Yeah I connect to the net at 52.8K most times, and I don't have any problems with skype. But, if you so much as open a web browser, your call will fade out or drop. You really do need every bit of your connection for skype. That said, sometimes my dad's connection drops off(on skype-to-landline calls), and he has 12mbit.

causal Registered User

and he has 12mbit.
Wow, 0.012bits

Fibonacci Registered User

thanks for the advice guys. Will let you know how it goes....

Gone West in search of greener pastures

Wow, 0.012bits

Sorry, twelve mega bit per second.

causal Registered User

Now I'm jealous - twleve million bits per second

"There were 12,000,000 bits skypeing on the call
and if one little bit should accidently fall
there'd be 11,999,999 bits skypeing on the call..."


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