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Ladies, do you need a prescription to buy Canesten or can you just buy it in a pharmacy? Saw it on the shelves next to the counter in a pharmacy yesterday so wasn't sure if you can just pick it up off the shelf and buy it or if it needs a prescription.....didn't want to ask the chemist, tres embarrasing. Thanks.

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if it's on the shelf, then I would say you can just buy it,
why not just ask them?
it's no biggie to them, that's what they are there for!

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You can buy Canesten over the counter. Its only the one with Hydrocortisyl cream (canesten HC) that is prescription only. Hydrocortisyl cream stops itching as well as clearing the infection.

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I work in a pharmacy. we get people every single day buying Canesten, KY Jelly, Anusol, Scabies, Head Lice Lotions, Pregnancy Tests, Condoms, Vaginal Moisturisers, Vaginal Wipes, Vaginal Powder, Lubricant, Spermicidal Creams.

We don't get embarrassed if you ask. Just go up to a staff member and say "Could I have a word with you about a personal issue" and we'll bring you to a quiet area of the shop and give you the necessary advice.

There are several different types of canesten, pessaries and creams so explain the situation and the staff member will advise which is best for your needs.

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Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots [1953] 2 WLR 427; BBF 189 - having it on the shelf does not mean you can buy it over the counter, although prescription stuff does tend to be behind the counter.

If there are different version of Canestan, you need to find out which one is appropriate to you. Seeing as it is used for everything from "Athlete's foot" to vaginal yeast infection (vaginal mycosis), I think it's important to get the right one.

Do talk to a phamacist or doctor.

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sorry for digging up old thread. any one know if you can still purchse this over the counter?


whatislife said:
sorry for digging up old thread. any one know if you can still purchse this over the counter?

Did you read the advice above? Ask your pharmacist!

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