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just wonderin where abouts the wezz is. or are ther any better discos for under 16s in dublin?

Makaveli Registered User

The Wezz?
Is that some hip new name for Wesley?
If so, Old Wesley Rugby Club in Donnybrook.

OLP Registered User


Dathai Registered User

As far as I know, the red box in harcourt does an under 18s night.

Funkstard Registered User

Wesley, obviously. Baby wezz on Fridays and Old wesley on Saturdays

Baby wezz for 14-15, Old wezz for 15-16. Old wesley doesn't even try and be over 18's anymore.

spudington16 Registered User

Don't waste your time at da Wezz - it's greatly overrated and a waste of time and money. Also the bouncers are complete perverts who get enjoyment out of slapping the asses of young girls. Stay away!

ferdi Registered User

underage meat markets....

Kevin_rc_ie Banned

Old wesley on saturday night, went there too many times as a youngster. Suppose at 16 years of age....it wasn't a bad place.

Funkstard Registered User

Wesley lasted for nearly 3 years and the best damn 3 years of my short life thus far.

Fantasy Registered User

I enjoyed my times at baby wezz , plan on going to old wezz too. Its true that the bouncers are perverts though ... they really enjoy feeling you up ! Redbox is much better though

Funkstard Registered User

Redbox is awful.

well, actually thinking back it was amazing the first time i went because I only had wesley to compare it to

rugbug86 Registered User

does anyone rember the cricket, fingallians, na fianna, the lawns? ah memories...

red riding hood Registered User

Im going to baby wezz on Friday 3rd, is it any good. I heard you have soo much fun with your friends there!!Anyone going on the 3rd?

Fantasy Registered User

Wesley is good if you havn't been to any other discos. You'll have fun while your there but when you go somewhere else and compare it you realise its not all that great. Well thats how it worked for me at least.

Funkstard Registered User

I heard this today from a friend who's little brother goes to wezz. You think it was filthy when you went? Try now...

The girls are considered tight if they wear underwear at the place now. They take it off and wear it around their wrists for the night.

**** sake.

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