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I was wondering does anyone know if it's possible to get an adaptor or whatever to connect an x-box to either a VGA or DVI port on a PC monitor? Straight to the monitor would be better I assume but I can live with it going through the PC tower via a TV card or something, I'd imagine that's the more expensive option though.

WizZard Advocatus Diaboli

If the monitor has component in then you can hook straight up to the monitor. Otherwise you will need what is called a VGA box. You plug the XBox into the (X)VGA box and the VGA box into the monitor.
There are really cheap VGA boxes out there, but you get what you pay for - generally the ones that give a good, clear picture will cost a little more.

silverlining Registered User

Yeah the xbox supports monitor output using a Hi-def pack (I use the X2VGA). I've also tried using a VGA box but the quality was crap becasue it was basically just a line-doubler (doubles the lines of standard rgb output). with the X2vga you get proper hi-def/VGA ouput but Hi-def output does not work with PAL xboxes so you first have to change the region of your xbox to NTSC M (america) using the Enigmah Video mode Selector (sometimes called enigmah video switch disc but it doesnt have to run off a disc so that name can be misleading)

The difference is huge because the refresh rate, colour depth and resolution are improved. Halo2 looks class on a flatscreen and I'm convinced that the improved picture and refresh rate have helped me play better.

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Would you say the x2vga is worth it, its been on my list for a while now.

I've only got a 17" tft screen to hook it up too, with analog and digital inputs

silverlining Registered User

Hi-definition is worth it I'd say especially if you have a flatscreen even just for improved DVD playback. Beware though, some monitors just cannot handle it...there must be a lisyt somewhere.

If your monitor has component inputs I thought that all you would need is the MS Hi-def pack, I'm not sure about this though.

Check the audio/video section of the xbox-scene forum

Another thing: older official xbox dashboards do not support Hi-def so you may need to upgrade your dashboard using a new Live enabled game and you have to switch your xbox eeprom to NTSC M.
hint: there's a quick way to setup hi-def when you have a hi-def cable plugged in and the updated dashboard, just hold down the two thumbsticks and L+R triggers together (M$ copied that one from the modders)

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