Ay Cee Registered User

How f**kin **** were ITV?!

Taking a break for 2 of the last 3 laps in what was the closest race I can remember in YEARS?!

Then, coming back for the last lap and going to ANOTHER break!!!

I'm very f**kin' pissed off if you can't tell.

dor83 Registered User

I know I was going to throw the remote at the TV coz of that, and it was the first time I wished that RTE were still showing it. Great race though.

Ay Cee Registered User

Even my Mrs. who's an F1 widow, awoke from her nap to watch the end of the race said at the time "what the f**k are they doing?!" and then "sher they only just took a break".

Their lame attempts at appeasement were too little too late. Showing the last 3 laps of the race after they show Schumacher didn't catch him...not on ITV!

I went to look for the ITV - F1 Forum but I don't think it's there anymore...bastards!!!

AlienGav Registered User

Those swines!!

I hope they get fleas!

mr_angry Registered User

It was a rediculous time to go to a break. Even that wouldn't make me want to switch to RTE though.

What a brilliant race though. I can't remember the last time we saw a real scrap for 1st place... hopefully there will be more as the season progresses. Is anyone else scared by the performance of the Ferrari though? 2 seconds a lap quicker than anyone else! Schumacher looked gutted at the press conference.

greglo23 Registered User

http://tinyurl.com/azuoe. go here to leave some negative feedback on the itv site.


More here!

They are a shower.


Ay Cee Registered User

Do you remember Silverstone when that mad priest ran out. The commentators were building up to the ad breaks then just before they cut to the break, James Allen starts shouting about a guy running onto the track.

What did they do?!

Still went to the ads.

I have to admit I love ITV's coverage. 90% of which is due to Martin Brundle. Blundell can be slightly tolerated when he's not confessing his love for Montoya. James Allen is a contrived Murray Walker. It feels like everything spontaneous he says is scripted.

If the BBC could get Ben Edwards & Martin Brundle and show the races live I would surely say "**** you very much ITV".

I just feel so robbed of the edge of my seat stuff that the laps had been building up to .

aidan_dunne Registered User

I've just sent ITV a very, very angry e-mail through that feedback link there now.

All I can say is....... ITV....... BASTARDS!

Hope the BBC gets the rights back when ITV's contract expires in a few years time.



Hope the BBC gets the rights back when ITV's contract expires in a few years time.

I would'nt hold my breath, BBC is'nt pushing out the boat to aquire new sporting rights and with F1 popularity on the slide a bit they may not see any good reason to bother. Not when there's Crown Green Bowling rights to renew!


Blaster99 Registered User

Martin Brundle is a motorsport commentator God but the other ITV guys are pretty good too. I've never really understood what Louise what's her face is doing there. She doesn't know anything, she sounds like she has a mouth full of food when she's talking, and she's not good looking. Come on this is motorsport, minimally they should have some spandex wearing babe as part of the "team".

Gary Anderson tries to insert the odd bit of usefulness in the Setanta coverage, but the other two guys are complete spanners. It hurts to listen to them.

Zaph Millionaire Oppressor

I was so shocked by what ITV did that I did the unthinkable and switched over to Setanta for the last couple of laps. And what did I find there? Celtic vs Rangers! Bloody crappy Scottish football. When will that lot realise that the SPL is not real football and nobody gives a crap? They could have had their highest ratings ever for those last few laps if they'd got their priorities straight.

The tax man Registered User

Yeah shame Setanta showed the footie live rather then the GP.
Thank god the football is nearly over so we can flick over while the ads are on ITV.
Strangely I went shopping after the GP was over. Damn those ITV feckers and their ad breaks.Bought myself a LG fridge,TV,phone and two cars

Come on we want to watch racing not ads.

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