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hi there,
i've got an event coming up in a couple months and i wondered what people thought the best fake tan was or if there's any new ones that I should try? Any tips?

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Couple of months?

Go to a tanning salon. No streaks, no mess, no looking like an oompa-loompa

mentalimplosion Registered User

Yeah, get it done professionally, like at a beauty salon. It isn't too pricey, lasts ages and looks hot.

goin'_to_the_PS Registered User

no tanning booths or fake tan do it yourself things. go to a salon

embee Moderator

Stand up spray tan in a salon is your best bet. It tends to dry very quickly with no streaks and you can choose the level of colour you want applied, ie a very light colour or a darker, more built up colour. Suppose it all depends on your skintone to begin with.

Personally, I don't use fake tan because it looks weird on my pale skin. My sister though is quite the fan and says that, of all the home application fake tans, the best are St Tropez or Fake Bake.

Hoochiemama Registered User

i use one called Top Image tan, it used to be called Euro Tan. It's €20 a bottle but well worth it. its brilliant, no streaks at all, and im crap at putting on tan. If you get it make sure you get the liquid one and not the cream one. It was recommended to me by my mate who's a beautician and i've never got my tan done at a salon since. oh and buy a fake tan mit as well. makes it ALOT easier to apply and stop streaks

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If its for a special event i'd get it done in a salon, one where the beautician sprays you rather than the booth ones. John Adams charge about 30/35 euro.

If you really want to do it yourself then the Lancome Flash Bronzer is good.

The Sweeper Patience, grasshoppa

Assuming you're going to do it yourself...

If you have more sallow skin, St Tropez is a good one. If you're paler, Piz Buin do a lighter tanning mousse that's fab. However, it's not a tinted mousse, so you need to take your time when applying.

I have really pale skin and have used PILES of products in the past to try and find something that I can use for special occasions to take the winter grey tones off my skin. Piz Buin is the best for me. I've pretty much cracked the mystery of how to do with with no streaks etc. too. You'll need a pair of lightweight surgical gloves (seriously, these are THE best for fake tan application).

Step one: long shower, use something like bodyshop rough bath gloves so you don't need to bother with an exfoliating cream. Shave all bits to be shaved. Tie up hair.

Step two: get out of shower, while skin is still wet use johnsons baby oil - the aloe vera version. Rub all over, then buff it off with a clean towel so there are no greasy patches left on skin and you're just a soft little moistured baby. (The lack of greasy patches is essential.)

Step three:
Haul on your surgical gloves and start applying from the shins up. The Piz Buin mousse is very light - almost like dishwater suds - and smells a little like marmalade. Put the mousse into your hands, rub hands together, then rub hands on skin. Don't put mousse directly onto skin. Do knees, ankles, elbows etc with the gloves AFTER you've rubbed most of the mousse onto your skin. The drier patches of your body need less mousse because the colour will take more intensively on them.

If you work upwards from toes, you'll end up doing your arms and hands last. (And your ass should be dry, frankly, so you can sit and wait for the rest of it to dry - which doesn't take long with Piz Buin).

To do your hands: rub last of mousse into your forearms up to your wrists. Take off gloves, wash hands gently and thoroughly. Squeeze a small dot of mousse onto back of one hand, then rub hand-backs together to spread it around (making sure you get none of it on your palms!)

It takes a while to do it properly, so don't rush it. The most important thing to do is make sure you rub the mousse in properly - circular motions are good. Also, try and do it somewhere where there's a well lit mirror because then you can see if you've left streaks on your skin (they'll appear shiny if you turn to the light).

I find the tanning booth tans too dark for me, and I have no desire to do sunbeds.

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FakeBake is the way to go! Its a little pricy but it lasts ages, is reallly even streak free and excellent natural colour. Stay away from st. tropez mousse way to streaky as it dries too quickly resulting in uneveness!
Spray tan can be too dark/orange for some people so ask em to do sample [most places will do it]
If its a reallly really important cant eff up occasion i'd go to a salon! its worth it....believe me there is nothing worse than a tangoed look [any1 see me at cbs debs lol!!]



thats some great advice there. Must try it next time im puttin my tan on

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edit,I feel bad about that post

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Are people talking about fake bake spray or lotion, used the cream once and it was like marmite and came up all dirty looking. I LOVE the Dior one, it is like a gold colour lotion, sounds and looks a bit suspicious but it gives you the most natural colour and lasts pretty well, it really does not look fake at all which is the object of the game for me.

commuterised Registered User

I think it's trial and error really. It all depends on your skin tone and type and how well exfoliated you are.

I've tried lie down and stand up sun beds. Rub on St Tropez in the salon and SUnFX spray tanning. The one I found the best was Boots, The Sanctuary. I exfoliate every night for a few nights before hand and lather moisturiser on. Then I cover wherever needed in a fine layer for 3 successive nights. This gives me a lovely built up colour and means I can fix any problems I may have encountered on the 1st night. PS you need someone to do your back!

it's way cheaper than getting someone in a salon to do it and you can wander around your house naked afterwards, where you can't really do that in a salon!!

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if you want a cheap fake tan thats instant and blends reallly well really quickly use L'oreal Glam Bronze for legs.. Its says it only for legs but i use for all over and its brilliant! And only lik 13 euro.

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No need to drag up a 4 year old thread...

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